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Founded Nonlinear.org (we're hiring!), a longtermist incubator.



Love this! I used to manage teams of writers/editors and here are some ideas we found useful for increasing readability:

To remove fluff, imagine someone is paying you $1,000 for every word you remove.  Our writers typically could cut 20-50% with minimal loss of information.

Long sentences are hard to read, so try to change your commas into periods. 

Long paragraphs are hard to read, so try to break each paragraph into 2-3 sentences.

Most people just skim, and some of your ideas are much more important than others, so bold/italicize your important points.

Agreed - we reached out to some people in the group to see if they wanted to add their listings to the sheet!

We're trying to keep it super informal for now :)

Light touch curation, yes - we'd certainly appreciate a heads up on anything like this!

That depends on the funders! Give enough bounties, I'd expect an optimal bounty distribution to look power law-ish with a few big bounties (>10k-1m?) and many small ones (<10k).

I didn't think about it much - public might be better. I assumed some people would be hesitant to share publicly and I'd get more submissions if private, but I'm not sure if that offsets the creative stimulus of sharing publicly.

  1. I'd guess 80% chance at least one gets funded by Feb 2022.
  2. I want to fund every idea that is good enough and then figure out how to scale the bounty market making process 100x.
  3. 2 from this particular experiment, but I intend to do more experiments like this.

I actually think that's an interesting idea!  I like the idea of using bounties to spur more bounty innovation. I'd love to see more bounties like this - let's try mapping the whole design space.

Shovel ready bounties are preferred but to avoid premature exploitation I'd just like to hear as many ideas as possible at this point.  Some ideas might require back and forth, but that's ok!

Seeing the ideas coming in is already giving me lots of ideas for ways to potentially scale this.