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Yeah, that's where I took most of my data from. They did a great job of collecting the data which I'm super grateful for, but their UI doesn't make it easy to find stuff, which is why I made this site.

Yeah that's the hard part that I'm going to be thinking about a lot this week. My guess is some funders will be easy to automatically update because they release their grants in a CSV and I already have scripts for reading them (EA funds, Open Phil), but others need to be done very manually which seems super annoying (ACX). I would probably only add the donations of major funds and not scrape people's blogs or whatever Vipul/Issa did to add a lot of smaller donations, excepting maybe connecting with Giving What We Can from individuals' donation data.

Anyway, I probably don't want to spent more than ~3 hours once per month updating the data, but I'll try to be as efficient as possible with that time!

Thanks for letting me know, should be fixed now.

The data mostly comes from Vipul's donations site. On top of that we added last years EAF, Open Phil, and SFF grants, and removed some Bill and Melinda Gates/Vitalik Buterin donations that dominated the data but weren't very EA. 

Are there any funders we're missing that you'd want to be added?

Thanks for the feedback! Working on it, should be fixed tomorrow.

I made it so you can click to open in new tabs, but not the 'back' issue. That's more difficult.

Oh no! Which browsers were you using?

It might just be that the site loads a lot of data so if you don't have good service/wifi it won't work.

Yes, you are right! I noticed this too a few minutes after posting haha...

I think that's just a bug in how they're rendered after search: I believe if you click on the donation then on the donation details page the cause areas will be correct. If not, and the cause areas in the database are actually incorrect, then that's the kind of thing I hope will get fixed to the extent that people care by allowing people to edit donations. Anyway, I'll try to get that fixed ASAP!

Should be fixed now.

That's great to know, thanks!

As for how grants are added, we pulled all of their data to start and then added EAF, Open Phil, and Survival and Flourishing Fund's grants from the last year since their data wasn't completely up to date.

This is just based on what Stanford/Harvard organizers have said to me. It depends who you ask and how they define retention but 10% is the number I hear thrown around the most.