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I follow Crocker's rules.


My current understanding is that he believes extinction or similar from AI is possible, at 5% probability, but that this is low enough that concerns about stable totalitarianism are slightly more important. Furthermore, he believes that AI alignment is a technical but solvable problem. More here.

I am far more pessimistic than him about extinction from misaligned AI systems, but I think it's quite sensible to try to make money from AI even in worlds from high probability of extinction, since the market signal provided counterfactually moves the market far less than the realizable benefit from being richer in such a crucial time.

Thanks for tagging me! I'll read the post and your comment with care.

I'd be curious about a list of topics they would like others to investigate/continue investigating, or a list of the most important open questions.

Due to the sudden work of unsung heroes, he was cryopreserved despite not having been signed up at the time of his deänimation.

I wonder whether the lives of those moths were net negative. If the population was rising, then the number of moths dying as larvae might've been fairly small. I assume that OPs apartment doesn't have many predatory insects or animals that eat insects, so the risk of predation was fairly small. That leaves five causes of death: old age, hunger, thirst, disease and crushing.

Death by old age for moths is probably not that bad? They don't have a very long life, so their duration of death also doesn't seem very long to me, and couldn't offset the quality of their life.

Hunger and thirst are likely worse, but I don't know by how much, do starved moths die from heart problems? (Do moths have hearts?)

Disease in house moth colonies is probably fairly rare.

Crushing can be very fast or lead to long painful death. Seems the worst of those options.

I think those moths probably had a better life than outside, just given the number of predatory insects; but I don't think that this was enough to make their lives net-positive. But it's been a while since I've read into insect welfare, so if most young insects die by predation, I'd increase my credence in those moths having had net-positive lives.


Encountered while logged in. Now it doesn't happen anymore. Maybe it was because I'd opened a bunch of tabs before dismissing the notification, which had still pre-loaded on other pages? Anyway, now it's fixed, at least for me.

Basically a bug report: The popup "Sign up for the weekly EA Forum Digest" appears on every new page, even when I've already clicked "No thanks" on other pages. I highly dislike this.

Yep, seems true that useful advice comes from people who were in a similar situation and then solved the problem.

Does it happen often in EA that unqualified people give a lot of advice? 80,000 hours comes to mind, but you would hope they're professional enough to having thought of this failure mode.

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