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Starting a Small Charity to Give Grants

The individual receiving the grant has to pay taxes on it, so the net benefit may be somewhat less than you're anticipating.

What novels, poetry, comics have EA themes, plots or characters?

I love Miranda's fanfic series "A Song for Two Voices" for EA-themed fantasy. 

"Major themes include the complexity of thinking about ethics, the challenge of taking on problems in the world that seem insurmountable, and trying to do good while dealing with serious mental health issues. The characters do not start out masters of rationality, but they do learn from their mistakes and grow as people, and do their best to help support each other."

Compared to HPMOR, I think "A Song for Two Voices" does a much better job representing the EA community. I.e. trying to do good as a community with limited resources instead of a solitary hero single-handedly saving the day. (Not to bash HPMOR - it's also an excellent read!) 

AMA: Holden Karnofsky @ EA Global: Reconnect

What’s a skill you have spent deliberate effort in developing that has paid off a lot? Or alternatively, what is a skill you wish you had spent deliberate effort developing much earlier than you did? 

AMA: Holden Karnofsky @ EA Global: Reconnect

I hear the vague umbrella term “good judgement” or even more simply “thinking well” thrown around a lot in the EA community. Do you have thoughts on how to cultivate good judgement? Did you do anything - deliberately or otherwise - to develop better judgement?

AMA: Holden Karnofsky @ EA Global: Reconnect

What is your process for deciding your high-level goals? What role does explicit prioritization play? What role does gut-level/curiosity-/intuition-driven prioritization play?

AMA: Holden Karnofsky @ EA Global: Reconnect

For you personally, do you think that loving what you do is correlated with or necessary for doing it really well?

AMA: Holden Karnofsky @ EA Global: Reconnect

Do you (or did you) ever have doubts about whether you were "good enough" to pursue your career?


(Sorry for posting after the deadline - I haven't been on screens recently due to a migraine and just saw it.) 

Resources On Mental Health And Finding A Therapist

As a second data point, my thought process was pretty similar to Claire's - I didn't really consider medication until reading Rob's post because I didn't think I was capital D depressed, and I'm really glad now that I changed my mind about trying it for mild depression. I personally haven't had any negative side effects from Wellbutrin, although some of my friends have. 

Effective Altruism Coaching 2020 Annual Review

I'm guessing it's mostly because I put less emphasis on them filling it out.  When I started coaching, I got more information from new data than I do now, so I put more effort into getting as many people as possible to fill it out. Additionally, I got feedback that it seemed strange paying clients were spending so much time giving me feedback. So now, e.g., I haven't been following up as much if people don't fill it out, and the ask is probably easier to ignore. 

Larger groups, coaching busier clients on average, and only asking at the end (instead of also after the first four calls)  might also contribute. 

Effective Altruism Coaching 2020 Annual Review

Unfortunately, I don't have an easy control group to do such a trial. I do my best to take on every client who I think is a great fit for me to help, so there isn't a non-coached group who is otherwise comparable. Additionally, as a for-profit business, there's an understandable limit to how much my clients are willing to humor my desire for unending data. 

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