The Mental Health Navigator is here to help you find mental health support!

We heard that effective altruists were struggling to find therapists – it’s hard to find providers who are good or take your insurance or are accepting new clients. 

List of providers

We recently overhauled a database of providers recommended by community members, so you can more easily find a therapist who works for you. You can sort by availability, average rating, location, cost, specialties, etc., plus read community reviews. We’ve even included links or emails for scheduling an intake so you don’t need to pick up a phone.

It’s a place for members of the Effective Altruism community to provide information about mental health providers they have found helpful and would recommend to other community members, including therapists, coaches, counselors, and psychiatrists. It's also now where the lists of community members who provide coaching or mental health services are stored, rather than these being on separate web pages.

The database is still limited (e.g. only a handful of providers accept insurance and the majority are based in the US or UK). We’re always working to grow the list of highly recommended providers, so we greatly appreciate you sharing new reviews here anonymously:

List of mental health resources

The Mental Health Navigator also provides a list of mental health resources. It has been set up to provide as comprehensive a list of mental health resources as possible, though it admittedly still has a lot of room to grow in terms of diversity and geographic coverage. We always welcome recommendations for the table via this form:

Advisory Service

Finally, the Mental Health Navigator aims to provide an Advisory Service where a volunteer will work with you to find a provider who meets your needs. However, our Advisory Service is currently not accepting new applications while we work through our wait list. We will post again on this forum and on our social media pages once we have reopened to everyone.


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Thank you. I think we need a good recommender system! I'm not sure Airtable is the best solution. E.g., as far as I can tell, it's quite hard to filter based on price in a meaningful way (e.g., <$100/hour).


Thanks for your feedback Sebastian! We'll take it into account. We're working with another organization to transition away from AirTable to a more user-friendly data base tool they're building, but that is going to take some time. AirTable's the best we have for now, but we are working on another solution :)

Cool. Is there a way for me to read/learn more about this initiative? I was considering setting up a match-making platform myself but happy to refrain from it if I trust that someone else is doing a good job here. :)


Not at the moment, but there likely will be within the next month or two. We're preparing a beta test at the moment :) Happy to chat with you about it however!

Cool - I just reached out on the info email on your site. :)

Especially as the list grows, it will be helpful to standardize formats for columns like availability, pricing, etc


Thanks for your feedback Pat! We're currently working on a different way to present the data, especially in anticipation of the list becoming larger, and will take your feedback into account.

Yay, exciting! Hope the advisory service is going well :) Good luck!


Thank you :)