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Impact Academy is a non-profit organization that enables people to become world-class leaders, thinkers, and doers who are using their careers and character to solve our most pressing problems and create the best possible future.

I also work as an impact-driven and truth-seeking coach for people who are trying to do the most good.

I'm also a medical doctor, author, and former visiting researcher (biosecurity) at Stanford.

I appreciate feedback - especially about how I'm falling short. Please do me a favor and leave https://www.admonymous.co/sebastian_schmidt


I am honored to be part of enabling more people from around the world to contribute to the safe and responsible development of AI. 

Very helpful. I'll keep it in mind if the use case/need emerges in the future.

That makes sense. We might do some more strategic outreach later this year where a report like this would be relevant but for now i don't have a clear use case in mind for this so probably better to wait. Approximately how much time would you need to run this?

Thanks. Hmm. The vibe I'm getting from these answers is P(extinction)>5% (which is higher than the XST you linked).

Ohh that's great. We're starting to do significant work in India and would be interested in knowing similar things there. Any idea of what it'd cost to run there?

Thanks for sharing. This is a very insightful piece. Im surprised that folks were more concerned about larger scale abstract risks compared to more well defined and smaller scale risks (like bias). I'm also surprised that they are this pro regulation (including a Sox months pause). Given this, I feel a bit confused that they mostly support the development of AI and I wonder what had most shaped their view.

Overall, I mildly worry that the survey led people to express more concern than they feel. Because this seems surprisingly close to my perception of the views of many existential risks "experts". What do you think?

Would love to see this for other countries too. How feasible do you think that would be?

Thanks for writing this up and sharing. I strongly appreciate the external research evaluation initiative and was generally impressed with the apparent counterfactual impact. 

Thanks for your response Ben. All of these were on my radar but thanks for sharing. 

Good luck with what you'll be working on too!

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to understanding the strategic direction you and CEA will pursue going forward. Do you have a sense of when you'd be able to share a version of these?

- How do you define guided self-help? Do you mean facilitated group sessions?
- Do you have any specific papers/references that you've used to for those estimates?

Thanks for writing this up. We're running an incubation pilot at Impact Academy and found this post very helpful as a reference class (for comparison in terms of success) as well as providing strategic clarity.
I'm curious, what were the best initiatives (inside and outside of EA) you came across in your search (e.g., y-combinator, charity entrepreneurship, etc.)?


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