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Impact Academy is a non-profit organization that enables people to become world-class leaders, thinkers, and doers who are using their careers and character to solve our most pressing problems and create the best possible future.

I also work as an impact-driven and truth-seeking coach for people who are trying to do the most good.

I'm also a medical doctor, author, and former visiting researcher (biosecurity) at Stanford.


Thanks for sharing and congrats on being the first in your family to attend uni and having landed a promising job! :)

I'll keep this in mind when I encounter people who find that their career doesn't really fit with EA and feels like a mess. 
On a personal note, when I first encountered EA, I recall thinking that many people also had very impressive CVs and felt some sense of inadequacy and imposter syndrome. 

Ok, I feel a bit confused as to why a method wouldn't have a more substantial entry or description but also don't want to keep bothering you. 

Maybe I misunderstood something but my understanding was that there was an entry that you rewarded related to significant overall impact given the benefits across multiple cause areas. So I was wondering if this is something you could share.

Understood. So Rethinking Well-being is quite distinct from HIPsy? 

Where can I find "significant overall impact given the benefits across multiple cause areas"?

Thanks for the post Inga.

When thinking about mental health as a cause area in EA, I think it's important to separate global mental health (e.g., anxiety and depression globally) from mental health amongst impact oriented individuals (e.g., EAs). I refer to the latter as development of impact oriented individuals as it wouldn't only consider mental health but also things such as skill building or character development. All with the intention of increasing their capacity for doing the most good.

Can I ask why you didn't mention Effective Peer Support?

Great reflections. 
Agree that recognition and the associated feelings of gratitude should not be the main thing. But still, thanks to all of you who decide to pursue things that seem the best and perhaps even giving up on some version of your passion, the praise, and status you'd get if you acted less altruistic and rationally.

Looking forward to seeing what comes out of it. The world needs some AI governance talent.

This makes sense. Do you have any explicated intentions for how big you want to get?

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