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What are some 1:1 meetings you'd like to arrange, and how can people find you?

Who are you?

Hi I'm Linda.

I been involved in AI Safety for a few years no, mainly learning and organizing events. Once I had the ambition to be a AI Safety researcher, but I think I'm just to impatient (or maybe I'll get back to it one day, I don't know). At the moment I am mainly focusing on helping others becasue I have found that I like this role. But I am always up for discussing technical research, becasue it is just so interesting.

What are some things people can talk to you about?

  • AI Safety - I'll discuss your research idea with you and/or share some career advise
  • Physics (I have a PhD in Quantum Cosmology)
  • Productivity coaching - This is a skill I'm developing, so really you are doing my a favor if you let me practice on you.

What are things you'd like to talk to other people about?

  • I want to talk to aspiring and early career AI Safety researchers, to learn about your situation and what your bottle necks are.
  • I want to talk to anyone who is doing or wants to do any sort of AI Safety career support.
  • Help me review my plans, and if warranted give me social validation.

How can people get in touch with you?


Meeting: Calendly

Two AI Safety events at EA Hotel in August

There is still room for more participants at TAISU, but sleeping space is starting to fill up. The EA Hotel dorm rooms are almost fully booked. Fore those who don't fit in the dorm or want some more privet space, there are lots of near by hotel. However since TAISU happens to be on a UK bank holiday, these might fill up too.

Two AI Safety events at EA Hotel in August

The Learning-by-doing AI Safety workshop is now full, but due to the enthusiasm I have received I am going to organize a second Learning-by-doing AI Safety workshop some time in October/November this year. If you want to influence when it will be you can fill in our doodle:

I am leaving the application form open. You can fill it in to show interest in the second Learning-by-doing AI Safety workshop and future similar events.

Two AI Safety events at EA Hotel in August

Thanks for pointing this out :)

Should be fixed now