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Why do EAs have children?

Also, they grow up eventually, so I'll still have lots of time in my life to do other stuff. I have coworkers I look up for being really effective people in their industry, whose kids are fishing high school

Why do EAs have children?

I think that if kids would bring you joy, you can fit them into your life plan, and your kids are unlikely to grow up to be evil, it's worth having lots!! There's a lot of big problems in the world and not enough time for our generation to solve 'em. I think I want to have 4, and I'm 3 months from being halfway there :)

Parenting: Things I wish I could tell my past self

It's nice to know it's not just me! I'll keep experimenting to see if I can improve things...

Parenting: Things I wish I could tell my past self

I have a 17 month old! Something that really helps me have the right mindset is to think about what the point of having a baby is for me, and that's to enjoy the baby. Not to try to force him to be whatever way or optimize for anything.

Other parents, I have a question for you... Are you having issues with sleep? I find that since I had my son, I've been getting sleep deprivation related insomnia, which really kills my productivity/mood/etc for a couple days each month. Anyone had this issue and found a way to fix it?

Consider a wider range of jobs, paths and problems if you want to improve the long-term future

Hey, if anyone is interested or already immersed in engineering physical goods or supply chain/logistics as their skillset, I want to be your buddy. DM me!

The EA movement is neglecting physical goods

Hello!! I think I've seen you speak at local hardware events before. So cool to see you in a different context :)

The EA movement is neglecting physical goods

To take a step back, I believe that 'effective altruism' lower case is something much bigger than people with money earning to give to existing charities, and people good at math calculating which charities to give to. Though I imagine both of those activities will remain crucial to the movement.

The EA movement is neglecting physical goods

Yes, I've seen many wonderful talks within EA about operations, that is, running effective organizations. (I'm having trouble finding the links but I think there was at least one panel and on talk at EAG SF 2018) And I ran a panel about logistics at scale at EAG 2017 (

I wish there were were more about how to actually DO the work directly. I've met a few individuals here doing research projects and thinking about how to do things that don't necessarily have industry experience, and I worry that people's calibration for what's feasible and how industry works might be too far off to make effective recommendations.

To provide a real world example, there was a very prescient research poster at EAG SF 2019 showing that in an epidemic where the USA would not be able to rely on out of country medical supplies, the amount of time it takes to start a factory is too long and therefore we should invest in this area. I spoke with the author to ask what he thought about supply chain issues, like getting all the skills, equipment, and materials to make supplies, and he hadn't thought of it and realized that it would be a bigger issue than spinning up factories.

The EA movement is neglecting physical goods

I'm currently working on productionizing some copper products in a manufacture engineering / product management role. Reuseable grocery bags and gloves. The gloves idea is my friend Ben WR's. I think the grocery bags will work fine because it's a sewn product and we found some 99.5% copper mesh, but the gloves project is more risky because the copper yarn is 30% copper but 70% polyester and may not retain the same antimicrobial properties. So we will have to find some way to test it.

Overall I think it would be nice to have a better barrier between things that may be contaminated outside your home and cleanliness inside your home. Copper isn't perfect but at least after 4 hours you can be sure it doesn't have any coronavirus on it. If the products sell well, I'll see if I can find a way to add UV disinfecting light to the inside of the bag.

I know the CDC said that surface transmission is unlikely but ... i don't really buy it.

EAGxVirtual Unconference (Saturday, June 20th 2020)

I'm very interested in this!! thanks for sharing

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