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Soon: Head of Communications at the Centre for Effective Altruism. Previously: News Editor at The Economist; journalist and growth manager at Protocol; journalist at Finimize.


Yeah good point, giving is definitely more involved at the billionaire level. But I do still think the message of “we would like as much as you can give, we can do so much with your money!” is a good thing to have circulating — billionaires are just as online as anyone else and those messages might resonate!

Ah yeah, that’s a good point. I guess what I’d love to see is what Brad mentions — a sense of how much money GW thinks it can distribute before getting to GD levels of return.

I'm about to start as Head of Communications at CEA, and think this would be a very useful brainstorming exercise — thanks for the suggestion!

I think this is very good and highlights a good point: that reaching people outside of EA is crucial to achieving much of what we want to achieve; and we don't need those people to become "EAs" for it be valuable.

This is really excellent and has a ton of potential. Well done!

This is a really good idea. Even better might be to commission him to make a documentary with a very EA-focused take on animal welfare. It's hard to say how much his explicitly climate change focused documentaries have done, but anecdotally it feels like they've been influential.

Similarly, I've wondered how much impact could be had by changing Facebook's charity donation prompts to EA-recommended charities.

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