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The Centre for Effective Altruism will be organizing and supporting conferences for the EA community all over the world for the remainder of 2023, including the first-ever EA conferences in Poland, NYC and the Philippines. 

We currently have the following events scheduled:

EA Global


  • EAGxWarsaw | (June 9–11) | POLIN
  • EAGxNYC | (August 18–20) | Convene, 225 Liberty St.
  • EAGxBerlin | (September 8–10) | Urania
  • EAGxAustralia | (September 22–24, provisional) | Melbourne
  • EAGxPhilippines | (October 20–22, provisional)
  • EAGxVirtual | (November 17–19, provisional)

Applications for EAG London, EAG Boston, EAGxWarsaw and EAGxNYC are open, and we expect applications for the other conferences to open approximately 3 months before the event. Please go to the event page links above to apply. Please note again that applications to EAG London close 11:59 pm UTC Friday 5 May.

If you'd like to add EA events like these directly to your Google Calendar, use this link.

Some notes on these conferences:

  • EA Globals are run in-house by the CEA events team, whereas EAGx conferences are organized independently by local community builders with financial support and mentoring from CEA.
  • EA Global conferences have a high bar for admission and are for people who are very familiar with EA and are taking significant actions (e.g. full-time work or study) based on EA ideas.
  • Admissions for EAGx conferences are processed independently by the EAGx conference organizers. These events are primarily for those who are newer to EA and interested in getting more involved and who are based in the region the conference is taking place in (e.g. EAGxWarsaw is primarily for people who are interested in EA and are based in Eastern Europe).
  • Please apply to all conferences you wish to attend once applications open — we would rather get too many applications for some conferences and recommend that applicants attend a different one than miss out on potential applicants to a conference.
  • Travel support funds for events this year are limited (though will vary by event), and we can only accommodate a small number of requests. If you do not end up receiving travel support, this is likely the result of limited funds, rather than an evaluation of your potential for impact. When planning around an event, we’d recommend you act under the assumption that we will not be able to grant your travel funding request (unless it has already been approved). 
  • Find more info on our website.

Feel free to email hello@eaglobal.org with any questions, or comment below. You can also contact EAGx organisers using the format [location]@eaglobalx.org (e.g. warsaw@eaglobalx.orgnyc@eaglobalx.org).


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