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Future Perfect is a section of Vox's website focused on news stories relevant from an effective altruism perspective.

Future Perfect launched on 15 October 2018.[1]As of August 2022, the team consists of nine people:  Bryan Walsh, Izzie Ramirez, Kenny Torrella, Sigal Samuel, Dylan Matthews, Kelsey Piper, Muizz Akhtar, Miranda Dixon-Luinenburg, and Siobhan McDonough.[2]

Future Perfect is partly funded by private donations. Major donors since 2018 include the Rockefeller Foundation (2018-2019), James McClave (2020), Animal Charity Evaluators (2020-2021), and the BEMC Foundation (2021-2023).[3]

In April 2022, Future Perfect launched Pandemic-Proof, a series focused on "upgrades we can make today to fight the pandemics of tomorrow".[4]


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