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TobiasH's Shortform

I'd like to be able to search the "80000 hours" and the "Effective Altruism" LinkedIn groups for members from my city. The group member lists are only searchable for names.

I think it could be a good way to contact local EA-aligned people who aren't on our radar. 
Is there any workaround for doing this?

Notes on "Managing to Change the World"

Very useful! 
It's only free for the first 12 months though. After that, it's $16 for every million characters.

How far would one be allowed to spread those audiobooks before running into legal troubles? 
If the books are in public domain, would Amazon hold some copyright on the audio version?

Open Thread: November 2021

(Repost from Shortform because I didn't get an answer. Hope that's ok.)

The "Personal Blogposts" section has recently become swamped with [Event] posts.
Most of them are irrelevant to me. Is there a way to hide them in the "All Posts"-view?

TobiasH's Shortform

The "Personal Blogposts" section has recently become swamped with [Event] posts.
Most of them are irrelevant to me. Is there a way to hide them in the "All Posts"-view?

Has anyone checked out Noora Health?

I'm not an expert but skimmed the two documents that seemed most relevant. The mortality rate analysis of the study and how they derive the $1235 per life estimate from it. 

Two things that I noticed, which jlewars didn't mention yet:
[Again not an expert, so don't make any conclusions based on what I write here.]

  • They estimate that their intervention results in "9.2 additional baby lives saved for every 1000 live births". This point estimate comes with a pretty large confidence interval  (95% CI: 0.9,17.6). So the $1235 per life saved should possibly be read as similarly uncertain.
  • They note that "The NMR [Neonatal Mortality Rate] seen in our study is much higher than the national average and most likely because participants were recruited from tertiary care facilities and have Special Newborn Care Unit beds.". If I understand it correctly, the intervention in the study was conducted on a quite specific vulnerable subgroup. With Quasi-Experiments and RCTs the external validity (how well does the intervention work on a different study group, in a different region?) is questionable, especially whenever there aren't many additional studies being done in different contexts. 
    So, even if Noora Health's intervention was as effective as they suggest, the question of how well the intervention is scaled for mothers in other contexts is a separate question. (However, if they use additional funding in a similar context this is not such a big problem.)
Why we want to start a charity fortifying feed for hens (founders needed)

Thanks a lot, this sounds really interesting. 

Do you have any sense, why producers are not already fortifying feed with at least some of the nutrients? 
If deficiencies contribute significantly to the mortality of the hen, wouldn't it be in their self-interest to do so?

Your Altruism Movie Suggestions?

I'm not sure if it completely fits, but Grizzly Man  is a great documentary  about (questionable) altruism.

Furthermore, the movie focuses also a lot on questions surrounding which view of nature we should have. It seemed to subtly reinforce my emotional stance towards wild animal suffering. 

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

I'd love to have a weekly/monthly open post, where everyone could ask questions and post small ideas. I imagine something similar to LessWrongs "Open & Welcome Thread". This could make some people more comfortable with starting to contribute to the forum.

Why and how the EA-Movement has to change

"Wischedag" isn't really a last name and alliterates with "Waschke". "Hans" is a german placeholder name.

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