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Consider Not Changing Your Forum Username to Your Real Name

Would it be possible for the usernames to be searchable inside the forum's search function but not searchable through other search engines (e.g. Google)? Afaik it should at least be possible for the user page/ profile not to be indexed.

And would it help with these problems?

Career Suggestion: Earning to Skill

It might be the combination of small funding and local knowledge about people's skills that is valuable. For example, funding a person that is (currently) not impressive to grantmakers but impressive if you know them and their career plans deeply.

Open and Welcome Thread: October 2020

This hasn't been implemented yet, was it forgotten about or just not worth it?

[April fool's post] Proposal to assign careers by birthdate

This might be the best intervention EAs could work on because it is making a lot of future economists extremely happy!

Why 80 000 hours should recommend more people become drug lords

"This chance of a better world is only slightly out of reach; out of reach because the best minds of our generation have not been directed towards a life of drugs." 

Thanks for this beautiful piece of sophistry!

Hello from the new Content Specialist at CEA

Oh, very exciting – looking forward to attending a Forum workshop! :)

Contest - A New Term For "Eucatastrophe"

Some quick ideas:

Existential Jackpot
Existential Boon
Surprising Societal Boon
Unanticipated Societal Windfall
Major Unexpected Gains
Unexpected Supergains
White Swan Event [I just checked, that already has a different meaning.]

Argument Against Impact: EU Is Not an AI Superpower

According to this CSET report, Europe (especially the Netherlands, UK, Germany) plays a role in the semiconductor supply chain. Is this significant enough to grant Europe a "seat at the AI table" in the future?

What are some artworks relevant to EA?

I think Da Vinci's Studies of the Fetus in the Womb are also quite beautiful and apparently (one of) the first drawings of a fetus' positioned accurately.

TobiasH's Shortform

I stumbled on this flow chart from 2015 about how different value and empirical judgements might change what cause areas we'd want to work on and with which methods:

It's a bit dated by now. But I think an updated version of this could be very valuable for newcomers to EA.

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