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I'd like to be able to search the "80000 hours" and the "Effective Altruism" LinkedIn groups for members from my city. The group member lists are only searchable for names.

I think it could be a good way to contact local EA-aligned people who aren't on our radar. 
Is there any workaround for doing this?

I believe you can do this search with a subscription to a paid LinkedIn subscription, like Recruiter Lite.

Yep, you can. 

(I thought you could do it on the unpaid version too but I just checked and can't see it. I specifically remember having the functionality to use specific search filters restricted to only people within certain groups when I had recruiter Lite though.)

The "Personal Blogposts" section has recently become swamped with [Event] posts.
Most of them are irrelevant to me. Is there a way to hide them in the "All Posts"-view?

I stumbled on this flow chart from 2015 about how different value and empirical judgements might change what cause areas we'd want to work on and with which methods:

It's a bit dated by now. But I think an updated version of this could be very valuable for newcomers to EA.