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Thanks! I'm the author of most of the concepts on Conceptually, and also the founder of Non-trivial. I'll send you an email. :)

I think I'd find them helpful, though it's hard to say for sure. As one data point, I'm currently at an extremely basic level of learning javascript, and I find Codecademy's quizzes useful (as well as the project-based learning, which might be cool to replicate for EA but would take a lot of work).

FWIW the quizzes are by far our most popular feature amongst users I'm doing interviews with.

Re: making them optional. It's possible this would be better, but if a user wants to skip a quiz they can very quickly give a dummy answer, which is an ok user experience so I'm not prioritising looking into it.

One way I'm worried we're getting things wrong is getting the question difficulty right for more users. I think the early lessons might have questions that are too easy, and later lessons don't build enough on each other, so there's no scaffolding. I think we'll prioritise working on that soon. Another feature I'm hoping to build is more quiz interaction types (from cloze and drag-and-drop on the faster end to build to open text grading on the more difficult end).

I really like this framing and we'll update it to something like this soon. Thanks!

Thanks, Viha – that's very kind of you to say. Reach out if you have any thoughts on how we could improve the course :)

The reason why we ask for sign in is that it allows the user to track their progress through the course, one of our user's favourite features. Learning about EA can at be an overwhelming sea of links, and we wanted to give users a clearer way to track their progress through it.

The other reason is that it's on our backlog to consider, but didn't get to it in time for launch.

I'd be curious too. We haven't had enough traffic to A/b test anything yet 😅

I found this thread helpful, thanks everyone. I'll pass it on to our designer.

To be totally honest, I didn't actually check and just assumed. However, my read of the style guides is that you don't capitalise the second word in hyphenated titles if there's a prefix (source).

Yeah I agree that some talented teenagers don't want to engage with material targeted at their age group. 

I try not to use the word teenager on the site (there may be some old references), and write basically as if it's for me at my current age without assuming the knowledge I have. 

But I'm not at all sure we've got the tone and design right – I'd appreciate hearing if anyone finds any examples on the site of something that seems condescending, belittling, or  unempowering etc..

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