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Brazilian legal philosopher, postdoc in intergenerational justice, financial supervisor, GWWC Pledger Bachelor of Laws, Master and Doctor of Philosophy from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), having published articles and translations in the areas of Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics and Philosophy of Economics – with a recent focus on climate risks, Environmental and Social Responsibility, and intergenerational justice. Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, integrating the Ethics and Political Philosophy Laboratory (EPLAB) and the project Present Democracy for Future Generations. Also a member of the Graduate Committee and Special Studies Analyst in the area of supervision of non-banking institutions at the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB). Member of the Inclusive and Sustainable Solutions association (SIS) and of the Effective Altruism community in Brazil (AE Brasil). https://philpeople.org/profiles/ramiro-avila-peres

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Suggestions of new cause areas: let's pay people so that every podcast episode is shorter than 40min, every pdf book is compressed to a file as light as possible, and every EA thinks twice before spending their day on EA-Meta and EA criticism.


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Thanks for this! Vegan pets is awesome (even a "not so strictly carinvore" would be super great", but I still think feral cats might be a worse (and more neglected) issue


I was wondering if you considered anyway to take into account "adversarial dynamics" (i.e., the industry increasing its investments in lobbying against such measures) and substitution effects (e.g., people spending more on other harmful products, such as alcohol)


[...] this post is a high-level summary intended for busy forum readers who are definitely not browsing the forum when they should actually be working.

You have just become my favorite EA-charity.


Thanks for the post. I find it weird that we sort of neglect scalable interventions regarding non-communicable diseases (except for tobacco).

I was hoping that after covid-19 this would become a priority. Btw, I noticed that you do not use evidence associated with the pandemic - even though DMT was one of the main predictors of mortality:
Diabetes is most important cause for mortality in COVID-19 hospitalized patients: Systematic review and meta-analysis - PMC (nih.gov)

Diabetes prevalence and mortality in COVID-19 patients: a systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression - PubMed (nih.gov)
Of course, the main datasets on the burden of DMT-2 will not include covid mortality. But have tried looking into this?


Thanks for the post.

Maybe the answer is more mundane than you imagine: light pollution
I'm only half-joking. If you think about it, we are sort of the 1st or 2nd generation to have lived most of their waking lives indoors, without really looking at the stars - without ever perceiving why we call this galaxy Milky Way.


Thanks for the post! When I first started studying intergenerational justice, I was kind of surprised that political philosophers in the area pay little attention to the debate on discount rates (not even to argue about how to decide it democratically), and put a lot of pressure on discussios on representation and on the so-called "boundary problem". (which is sort of curious: most of the scholars I've talked to buy the consequences of the nonidentity problem, and so conclude that future people don't really have rights... and yet, they think it's ok to discuss how they should be represented, etc.) I became a bit disillusioned. On the other hand, I became more hopeful with some initiatives that are likely too recent to have figured on your reviews, and I was wondering if you have any opinion on them: a) the Vanuatu initiative: a UN resolution asking ICJ for a opinion on legal responsibilities regarding climate change - explicitly mentioning future generations; b) the GCR management act in US.


+1 for the pun 'Costco Shareholders Cry “Fowl” Over Chicken Neglect'


Because of timezones, the date of this post is displayed as Apr 2nd for me, and I read it while listening to a sad song saying "I've got this funny feeling that the end is near" (From "Mayflower, New york") - making it all a bit funnier

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