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Flipping the roles of animals and humans didn't feel particularly clever to me. Who  is going to be convinced by this video, who isn't already convinced?

It also focuses entirely on the suffering of wild animals at the hands of humans, which to my knowledge pales in comparison to what we do to farm animals.

I personally find earthlings to be the best video on speciesism. I went from eating meat to not ever wanting to touch meat again in the span of an hour.

What are some artworks relevant to EA?

To learn illustrator, I created a few posters for EA Denmark:

Global poverty:

Animal welfare:

Existential risk:


I didn't pay to acquire the rights for the assets I burrowed so they just hang in my room :)

EU's importance for AI governance is conditional on AI trajectories - a case study

I completely agree that the classification of trajectories should be much more nuanced. I don't think a fast take-off implies these things either. The reason I bundle them together is to create to very distinct scenarios, making for a simpler analysis.

A more thorough analysis would separate these dynamics and analyse all the possible combinations.  It would also be better to evaluate EU's institutions separately and analyse more than a single lever influence.

Response to Recent Criticisms of Longtermism

Makes sense, I agree with that sentiment.

Response to Recent Criticisms of Longtermism

Let me know if I misunderstood something or am reading your post uncharitably, but to me this really looks like an attempt at hiding away opinions perceived harmful. I find this line of thinking extremely worrying.

EA should never attempt to hide criticism of itself. I am very much a longtermist and did not think highly of Torres article, but if people read it and think poorly of longtermism then that's fine.

Thinking that hiding criticism can be justifiable because of the enormous stakes, is the exact logic Torres is criticising in the first place!

Flimsy Pet Theories, Enormous Initiatives

Based on you description of the documentary, I wonder to what extent Gates' explanations reflect his actual reasoning. He seems very cautious and filtered, and I doubt an explanation of a boring cost-benefit analysis would make for a good documentary.

Not that I think there necessarily was a good cost-benefit analysis, just that I wouldn't conclude much either way from the documentary.

EU AI Act now has a section on general purpose AI systems

My own opinion is that it is a double-edged sword

The Council's change on its own weakens the act, and will allow companies to avoid conformity assessments for the exactly the AI systems that will need them the most.

But the new article also makes it possible to impose requirements that will only solely affect general purpose systems, without burdening the development of all other low-risk AI with unnecessary requirements.

What is the EU AI Act and why should you care about it?

Thank you for spotting this  that mistake. This is the position I meant to link to, I've replaced the link in the post.

AI Safety Needs Great Engineers

Fantastic article, I ended up sending this to quite a few friends who are great programmers and considering careers in AI Safety.

I think the litmus test is great, we need more like this!

If someone is unsure about whether they are able to make a significant contribution to an AI library, they have to be able to come up with an idea for a meaningful contribution that they can implement. That requires extensive knowledge of the AI library and its shortcomings. Is this part of the litmus test?

If not, it might make sense for AI safety engineers to publicize a  difficult toy-problem or two that would allow a prospective candidates to immediately get a sense of their abilities, without needing to think too much about what type of pull-request they would do.

Puggy's Shortform

empirically turns out that all the best policy ideas which lead to the best outcomes are libertarian

What makes you think this is the case? I agree with your principle that you can make a welfare maximizing case for libertarianism, but surely a Conservative or Socialdemocrat could also argue for their preferred policy from a welfare maximizing perspective.

Calling the set of policies you happen to think are welfare maximizing Consequentarian, strikes me as very uncharitable to those with different views from your own.

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