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Gene drives remove the need to continuously rear and drop screwworms. Counting insect welfare I would wager advocacy for using gene drives looks better not worse.

Thanks, I'm looking forward to that post!

I'll be honest, to me the numbers sound too good to be true, so I'm curious to understand the assumptions that go into those numbers and whether I agree with them.

If the numbers really are that good that's quite exciting!

According to research by the Welfare Footprint Project, both of these asks substantially decrease hours in pain experienced by farmed chickens,[2][3] decreasing chicken suffering by an estimated 30%–60%.[4][5]

According to estimates by Šimčikas,[6] corporate campaigns between 2015 and the end of 2018 will improve the welfare of 9 to 120 years of chicken life per dollar spent.

Is there a cost-effectiveness analysis available where I can read how you arrived at these numbers?

  • Cost per client served: $4.7
  • Cost per unintended pregnancies averted: $3.60
  • Cost per maternal death averted: $685
  • Cost per DALY: $1.63
  • Cost per CYP: $2.31

I don't find find this argument all too compelling. Who pays for the government's ability to protect the wealthy? In absence of a government, why wouldn't the wealthy pay someone else to protect their wealth?

That said I completely agree with the last sentence and I think taxation is very reasonable. Deciding that taxation is theft and therefore always wrong, is after all the worst argument in the world.

I don't mean to argue for libertarianism, but I do want advocates of socialism to be mindful of how they plan to enforce it.

Good question, worth exploring!

One point not brought up, which I think is somewhat important to me is how socialist policies are to be enforced.

I personally dislike the implicit threat of violence enforcement of those policies requires. I'll be the first to admit it's difficult to create a functional society without the use or threat of force, but I still would like to see it treated it as a necessary evil not to be used lightly.

There are many laws which would be less popular if one added to the end: "or we'll beat you up", but in some sense every law has this implicitly written. We're just not very mindful of it!

I think it's reasonable for vegans to ask someone whether they would still eat meat if they had to kill the animal themselves. In a similar manner, would you be fine with forcing someone into a car and locking them into a cell if they refused to hand over everything they had earned that month?

This is far from a knockdown argument and somewhat of a strawman, but it matters to me. I place value on people being free to live their lives how they see fit. Anyone should be welcome to form a socialist commune, but it should be out of ones own volition.

I think there's a lot of local maxima that are very juicy. I would encourage people to look at the opportunities around them that others would miss, and try my best to foster a culture that helps its members discover them.

A great example of someone doing this is Abdurrahman who took the initiative to create EA in Arabic which I expect will be really impactful. I don't expect there were many EA jobs available to him in Saudi, but he looked around and found a gap (no resources on EA in one of the world's biggest languages) and executed on the opportunity.

I am currently looking into an animal welfare intervention which South American EA's would be much better suited to do than anyone else. Some time ago I looked into policy interventions to improve the water sanitation efforts of the Jal Jeevan Mission in India. An Indian EA from the right state would be much better suited to carry out the sanitation advocacy for JJM than I am.

I've yet to find a region of the world without opportunities, but most of them won't be listed in a career guide!

I'm grappling with this exact issue. I think AI is the most important technology humanity will event, but I'm skeptical of the EV of much work on the technology. Still it seems that it should be the only reasonable thing to spend all my time thinking about, but even then I'm not sure I'd arrive at anything useful.

And the opportunity cost is saving hundreds of lives. I don't think there is any other question that has cost me as much sleep as this one.

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