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Tuesday, December 1st 2020
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Monday, November 30th 2020
Mon, Nov 30th 2020

4NunoSempere11hHere is a more cleaned up — yet still very experimental — version of a rubric I'm using for the value of research: EXPECTED * Probabilistic * % of producing an output which reaches goals * Past successes in area * Quality of feedback loops * Personal motivation * % of being counterfactually useful * Novelty * Neglectedness * Existential * Robustness: Is this project robust under different models? * Reliability: If this is a research project, how much can we trust the results? IMPACT * Overall promisingness (intuition) * Scale: How many people affected * Importance: How important for each person * (Proxies of impact): * Connectedness * Engagement * De-confusion * Direct applicability * Indirect impact * Career capital * Information value PER UNIT OF RESOURCES * Personal fit * Time needed * Funding needed * Logistical difficulty See also: Charity Entrepreneurship's rubric [], geared towards choosing which charity to start.
2RandomEA1dGLOBAL POVERTY AND ANIMAL SUFFERING DONATION OPPORTUNITIES (2020) Comprehensively Evaluated Charities GiveWell Maximum Impact Fund [] (allocated between GiveWell Top and Standout Charities at GiveWell's discretion; list of GiveWell Top Charities for 2020 below) * Malaria Consortium [] (seasonal malaria chemotherapy) * Against Malaria Foundation [] (anti-malaria bednet distribution) * Helen Keller International [] (Vitamin A supplementation) * SCI Foundation [] (deworming) * Sightsavers [] (deworming) * New Incentives [] (vaccine uptake) * Deworm the World Initiative [] (deworming) * The END Fund [] (deworming) * GiveDirectly [] (unconditional cash transfers) Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) Recommended Charity Fund [] (allocated between ACE Top and Standout Charities at ACE's discretion; list of ACE Top Charities for 2020 below) * Albert Schweitzer Foundation [] (corporate campaigns) * The Humane League [] (corporate campaigns and movement building) * Good Food Institute [] (supporting development of meat alternatives) * Wild Animal Welfare [] (r

Sunday, November 29th 2020
Sun, Nov 29th 2020

7evelynciara2dAOC's Among Us stream on Twitch nets $200K for coronavirus relief [] Video game streaming is a popular way to raise money for causes. We should use this strategy to fundraise for EA organizations.
2DonyChristie2dWhat are ways we could get rid of the FDA? (Flippant question inspired by the FDA waiting a month to discuss approval for coronavirus vaccines [] , and more generally it dragging its legs during the pandemic, killing many people, in addition to its other prohibitions being net-negative for humanity. IMO.)

Sunday, November 22nd 2020
Sun, Nov 22nd 2020

2Cullen_OKeefe9dThe venerable Judge Easterbrook [] appears to understand harms from unaligned AI []. In this excerpt, he invokes a favorite fictional example among the AI risk community []: Soppet v. Enhanced Recovery Co., LLC, 679 F.3d 637, 638–39 (7th Cir. 2012).

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