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1Day Sooner is a nonprofit organization that advocates on behalf of volunteers who have or are willing to participate in high-impact medical research, especially human challenge trials


1Day Sooner was founded in April 2020 to promote the use of human challenge trials as a way to speed up the development of COVID-19 vaccines. As of 2022, the organization The organization has now expanded to work on other types of challenge trials, as well as other projects such as pandemic preparedness and vaccine equity.

Advocacy areas

1Day Sooner advocates for healthy volunteers in medical studies, works with studies in publicity, recruitment, and design from a volunteer perspective. 1Day Sooner also conducts research and advocacy on other public health policy topics, including Operation Warp Speed in the United States, the promotion of the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator, and the pursuit of a Pandemic Insurance Fund for low- and middle-income countries.[1]

Funding and structure 

1Day Sooner is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in the United States, with branches in Zambia (1Day Africa) and the United Kingdom (1Day UK). 

As of February 2023, 1Day Sooner has received a total of $7.1 million in grants; its largest three funders are Open Philanthropy,[2] the Rainwater Charitable Foundation, and the Survival and Flourishing Fund.[3] 

1Day Sooner received $375,000 from the Future Fund. This includes 350,000 intended for use by 1Day Africa to further advocacy for a pandemic insurance fund, a policy measure intended to ameliorate inequitable vaccine distribution in future pandemics.[4] The organization states it intends to return the $350,000 to creditors following the revelations of fraud at FTX.[5]


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