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Amazing resource, thanks so much! I'll add that the Effective Institutions Project is in the process of setting up an innovation fund to support initiatives like these, and we are planning to make our first recommendations and disbursements later this year. So if anyone's interested in supporting this work generally but doesn't have the time/interest to do their own vetting, let us know and we can get you set up as a participant in our pooled fund (you can reach me via PM on the Forum or write info@effectiveinstitutionsproject.org).

Also worth noting that you can be influential on Twitter without necessarily having a large audience (e.g., by interacting strategically with elites and frequently enough that they get to know you).

It seems worth noting that you can get famous on Twitter for tweeting, or you can happen to be famous on Twitter as a result of becoming famous some other way. The two pathways imply very different promotional strategies and theories of impact. But my sense is that it's pretty hard to grow an audience on Twitter through tweeting alone, no matter how good your content is.

He seems like a natural fit for the American economist-public intellectual cluster (Yglesias/Cowen/WaitButWhy/etc.) that's already pretty sympathetic to EA. The twitter content is basically "EA in depth," but retaining the normie socially responsible brand they've come to expect and are comfortable with. Max Roser would be another obvious candidate to promote Peter. I'd start there and see where it goes.

I'm curious how this applies to infohazards specifically. Without actually spilling any infohazards, could you comment on how one could do a good job applying this model in such a situation?

I'm a little surprised that Rob Wiblin doesn't have more followers, but he's already high-profile enough that it wouldn't take that big of a push to get him into another tier. He's also the most logical person to leverage 80K's broader content on social media given his existing profile and activity. (ETA: although Habiba could do this too, per your suggestion.)

Amanda Askell consistently has thoughtful and underrated takes on Twitter.

Peter Wildeford is an A+ follow on Twitter IMHO. I think it's realistic to get him a bunch more followers if that's something he wanted.

I assume you're being modest in not suggesting "Nathan Young," so I'll do it for you.

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