Kelsey Piper is an American journalist, currently a Staff Writer for Future Perfect.


Piper studied symbolic systems at Stanford University. During her studies, she joined Giving What We Can and founded Stanford Effective Altruism.[1] After graduation, Piper worked as lead of the writing team at Triplebyte, a recruiting and technical screening platform for tech companies.

Journalism career

Piper joined Vox in September 2018.[2] As of May 2022, she has published over 290 articles on an extensive range of topics related to effective altruism, including animal product alternatives,[3][4] cash transfers,[5] climate change,[6] COVID-19 pandemic,[7][8] cultured meat,[9] deworming,[10] the Doomsday Clock,[11][12] electoral reform,[13][14] farmed animal welfare,[15] forecasting,[16][17] foreign aid,[18][19] global catastrophic biological risk,[20][21] global catastrophic risk,[22][23] the hinge of history hypothesis,[24] human extinction,[25] information hazards,[26] malaria,[27][28] nuclear winter,[29][30] pandemic preparedness[31]prediction markets,[32] space colonization,[33] the timing of philanthropy,[34][35] universal basic income,[36][37] and the vulnerable world hypothesis,[38] among many others.[39]

Piper's article outlining the case for taking artificial intelligence as an existential risk seriously has been praised by many as a rigorous yet accessible introduction to the topic.[40]

In early February 2020, when less than a dozen COVID-19 cases had been confirmed in the United States and many media outlets and health authorities were dismissive of the risks posed by SARS-CoV-2,[41][42][43] Piper wrote about the possibility that it might become a global pandemic and emphasized the importance of an early response.[7][44]

Further reading

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