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The Humane League (THL) is a nonprofit organization that works to improve animal welfare standards through corporate outreach, media outreach, and grassroots campaigns.


THL was founded in 2005 as a small grassroots organization to protest foie gras at local restaurants in Philadelphia. It has since refocused on ending all forms of abuse in animals raised for food. It currently operates in four countries in three different continents and is part of Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition of organizations working to eliminate battery cages around the world.[1]


Animal Charity Evaluators rates THL a "top charity"—one of the four organizations awarded their highest rating. ACE considers THL "an excellent giving opportunity because of their strong, cost-effective programs, their robust track record of strengthening the movement, and their healthy organizational culture."[2] THL is also recommended by Founders Pledge as "one of the most cost-effective animal advocacy organisations in the world".[3]

As of July 2022, THL has received nearly $46 million in grants from Open Philanthropy.[4]


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