Gavin Chappell-Bates

Head of Development @ The Humane League UK
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I joined The Humane League UK as their Head of Development at the start of May 2023. We're on a mission to end the abuse of animals raised for food. I have worked in the charity sector for over ten years, in fundraising and income generation.

How others can help me

I am looking for opportunities for funding to support The Humane League UK, and keen to meet those potentially interested in funding our work. I am also keen to connect with fellow fundraisers and those working in animal protection. 

How I can help others

Reach out to me if you have questions about the work of The Humane League UK and our funding needs, farmed animal welfare, and fundraising and development. 


Thank you for your question Andrew. 

Our match funders for our end of year appeal also supported our end of year appeal last year with a similar match. It was likely that these Major Donors would give again, but not certain, and certainly not expected in terms of the amount they have provided for match funding this appeal. In conversations with the Major Donors, it was clear that the match element of their donation–and the extra reach and impact that match brought into THL UK–was a large part of their reason for their gift. 

In assessing our current fundraising performance and developing a strategy for the next 3 years, one of our key focusses will be converting existing supporters into donors. We currently have a large supporter database, but a lower than average percentage who are donating to THL UK. As such, our focus for this campaign is really on utilising the match funding to, not only secure vital funds to close our funding gap, but to convert those who would not otherwise have given into donors. 

Our match funders are also not just providing funds, they are lending their voice and backing to our campaign, sharing their motivations for giving, to help influence others to support the work of THL UK and become donors or increase their giving. 

Thank you for your question Andrew. 

Yes it does. That is because funding from the ACE Recommended Charities Fund and Open Philanthropy goes directly to THL (please see the answer to the question about giving to THL vs. THL UK). This is then re-granted to us in the form of a fixed annual grant from THL. This has already been confirmed for this financial year, and our current £280k shortfall sits outside this based on our own fundraising targets. 

Thank you for your question. 

THL and THL UK are two independent organisations. 

THL (the global organisation, legally based in the US) is the primary funder of THL UK. So a donation to THL will fund THL and THL UK, as well as the Open Wing Alliance. If, therefore, someone is interested in funding work globally then a donation to THL may be most suitable. 

However, if you are a UK based donor then your gift may be eligible for Gift Aid, which can increase the value of your donation to 125%, thus maximising its impact. In this instance, we would recommend a donation directly to THL UK. 

THL UK does not just work within the boundaries of the UK, it is also responsible for many of our gains for animals across Europe. 

If you are interested in fish welfare, then we would also suggest donating to THL UK. We have brought together a coalition of NGO’s, and have industry backing our calls, as well as support across the political spectrum, as we push for the introduction of UK legislation to protect fish at the time of slaughter. 

Regardless of how a donation is directed, a donation to THL or THL UK will have an enormous impact and help to end the abuse of animals raised for food. 

This question has been answered in collaboration with THL.