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Use requests (open) for posts that ask for a specific and well-defined request from the broad EA community.  The request can be very important for your effort to do more good, or it can be something trivial that you are just curious about or if you think that others might find it important - make sure to say how important this is for you in your post. Also, it would help if you could supply time limits, extra information needed, and be responsive to questions in the comments.

For posts that are a broader call to action, use the take action tag.

For posts that only ask for responses to a question (and not e.g. detailed feedback, funding, etc.), we don't recommend using this tag. Instead, you can create a "New Question" (in the same menu as "New Post") and it will be listed on the "All Questions" page.

After a request has been completed, or if it's no longer relevant, downvote this tag and add requests (closed). This can be done by anyone, not just the original poster.

Posts tagged Requests (open)