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Update to Open Philanthropy’s Translation Program

TL;DR: We’re moving away from part-time translation grants, and are seeking applications from individuals or teams aiming to work on translations full-time. If you want to apply for these types of projects, please do so here.

We’ve decided to discontinue the individual translation grant program in its current form. Previously, we invited applications from individuals doing or managing translations part-time, most of them focused on one language. We made around 40 grants totaling around $950,000, and we celebrate all the progress that has been made on the translation of EA/EA-adjacent content. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Due to the limited capacity of our team, we unfortunately have to move away from this model and are now aiming to fund translation efforts of a bigger scale. We’d be interested in receiving applications from individuals or teams who are keen to work on translations full-time and to translate a significant amount of content. We’re open to different approaches to this, but roughly we expect it to involve:

  • Contracting with translators (vetting and paying them)
  • Ensuring the quality of the translated content (this could be done in various ways)
  • Ideally, but not necessarily, distributing of the translated material (getting it published in such a way that it reaches its target audience effectively)

What we would be keen to see:

  • Somebody who is excited to work on translations full-time for at least half a year, and potentially longer if it goes well. They intend to set up an entity, possibly together with another person, via which they will pay contractors to do translation work. They have thought about how to vet possible translators and how to check the quality of finished translations. They may have thought about where it makes sense to publish the translations.

What we’re moving away from:

  • Somebody who would mostly prefer to translate themselves (either full-time or part-time), and who doesn’t intend to oversee other translators.

We accept applications via our Request for Proposals application form here. Please note that the previous translation application is now closed.

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