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Made the front page of Hacker News. Here's the comments.

The most common pushback (and the first two comments, as of now) are from people who think this is an attempt at regulatory capture by the AI labs, though there's a good deal of pushback and (I thought) some surprisingly high-quality discussion.

Off topic: There's a line in the movie A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish that might be applicable to you: "was also credited with helping shift the Animal Rights movement to a more utilitarian focus including a focus on chicken."

This is an amazing thing to learn.

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FWIW several people I spoke to just weren't aware subforums existed, during the time they were being piloted.

  1. This refers to the amount you were promised from FTXF.
  2. This refers to the amount that was promised, but hasn’t been paid out.

(I work at Open Phil assisting with this effort.)

Thanks for pointing this out; it looks like there was a technical error which excluded these from the email receipt, which we've now fixed. The information was still received on our end, so you don't need to take any extra actions.

Eli Rose

(I work at Open Phil assisting with this effort.)

  1. Any grantee who is affected by the collapse of FTXFF and whose work falls within our focus areas (biosecurity, AI risk, and community-building) should feel free to apply, even if they have significant runway.

  2. For various reasons, we don’t anticipate offering any kind of program like this, and are taking the approach laid out in the post instead. Edit: We’re still working out a number of the details, and as the comment below states, people who are worried about this should still apply.

Eli Rose

(I work at Open Phil assisting with this effort.)

We think that people in this situation should apply. The language was intended to include this case, but it may not have been clear.

If you haven't already, I'd recommend reading Richard Ngo's AGI Safety From First Principles, which I think is an unusually rigorous treatment of the issue.

We've been paying people based on time spent, rather than by word. The amounts are based on our assessment of market rates for high-quality freelance translators for the language in question online, though my guess is this will be a more attractive than being a freelance translator because it's a source of steady work for a long period of time (e.g. 6 months).

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