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I work as head of the one on one team for 80,000 Hours and Fund Manager at the Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund. Previously I worked at the Global Priorities Institute and ran Giving What We Can.

Comments here are my own views only, not my present or past employers', unless otherwise specified.


That's amazing news, thank you for sharing! 

This is wonderful news. Thank you very much for getting that up and running.

Thank you for posting this. It very much speaks to how I’m feeling right now. I'm grateful you've expressed and explained it.

Happy to share! I forgot to say, I think I got this idea from Tara Mac Aulay

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  • Pretty rarely - just whenever I remember, which is probably only every couple of months
  • Whenever I feel like it, though most often just after I've gone through my other anki decks, which I do around twice a week.

Anki goes up to really long time scales. If it's a memory you don't want to see too often you can click 'easy', and then its default time sequence will be something like: first day, 5 days later, a month later, a year later. 

I also have things in there for which I like seeing them pretty often, like baby photos of my son. It's not dissimilar to having a photo displayed in the house, except that instead of it being on show all the time it's brought to your full attention periodically.  

Tbc, I'm still a big fan of Lord Martin Rees' work!

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