I work as an Advisor for 80,000 Hours, before which I worked at the Global Priorities Institute and ran Giving What We Can.


If you like a post, tell the author!

Thank you for this post! I appreciate these kind of posts with suggestions about how to use the forum.

On the specific point, I appreciate the positivity of people posting that they like a particular article, and feel it makes it seem more appealing to write articles. Also, I often find it a bit tough to tell when I write something whether people find it useful, what they find it useful for, and what parts seem particularly useful. So I really appreciate people who find posts useful not just upvoting (which might just be a sign they found it a pleasant read), but actually commenting with some more information.

How we promoted EA at a large tech company

This work sounds great! Thanks for writing it up in such a clear way for others to learn from.

Parenting: Things I wish I could tell my past self

Thanks for sharing! Your experience about losing interest in sports is really interesting. I wonder whether part of what's going on is my baby still only being 10 months. I look forward to knowing what the coming years will bring!

Parenting: Things I wish I could tell my past self

This sounds so intense. I have no idea how you guys handled not taking leave while looking after a newborn. Great work getting through all that!

How frustrating to not be able to get back to breastfeeding when she was hoping to and doing a bunch of pumping instead.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Yes, these seem like reasonable things to ask for (though I don't know feel like I have enough information to know if they'd be right to comply with the request) - emailing GW about them seem like sensible things to do. It seems like quite an escalation of the request to write a blog post in this vein though.

I very much agree with the sentiment that our community should aim to be both honest and kind, and that this forum is a good place to discuss how we can work together to better embody those ideals. But this post strikes me as being itself deeply unkind. It engages with a blog post written in 2007 in a way which will predictably lead readers to infer that as far as public evidence goes, this is still Holden's view / style. On the contrary, GiveWell's and OpenPhil's styles are now wildly different from this post. The helpful points in your post could surely have been made without going back to a nearly 15 year old blog post to call it disingenuous, unkind, condescending and unprofessional, amongst other things.

I think part of being kind in feedback is being somewhat sparing with it. It seems preferable to critique people for mistakes they still seem to be making and can fix going forward, rather than ones made many years ago which they're likely already aware of as mistakes.

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