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Project for Awesome (P4A) is a yearly charity video contest running this weekend in 2023. Voting will start Friday, February 17th, 12:00pm EST and is open until February 19th, 11:59am EST. The charities with the most votes, the total across all their videos, win money. In the last years, this was between $14,000 and $32,000 per charity. 

This is a good opportunity to raise money for EA charities with just a few clicks (~5 minutes). Please ask your friends and EA group members to vote for ALL the videos for EA charities! A sample text message and a voting instruction is below.

Sample text message: Hey! Not sure if you know, but every year Hank and John Green organize the Project For Awesome, which raises money for charities. All you have to do is click “Vote” on a bunch of videos and you could potentially help thousands of dollars go to highly effective charities. Would you be willing to help out?

If they reply yes: Great! Here are the videos of the charities we’re promoting. You can vote for all of the videos. Without watching videos, it will just take a few minutes. (insert the instructions or just the links)

Voting instruction with links: 

1. Invite your friends to vote, too!

2. Open one of the following links, then open one video first and do the CAPTCHA before opening the other videos of that charity in new tabs. Vote for ALL videos of that charity.

3. Repeat step 2 for all charities listed below. Vote for ALL videos for each of these EA charities. You can see that you voted for a video by the grayed out "Voted" button. In the end, P4A will sum up all votes for all videos of one charity.

In total there are several videos for our supported EA charities but it only takes a few clicks (if you do not want to watch the videos) and it's really worth it.

Supported EA charities:
Animal Advocacy Africa: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=7DyRrCBP
Animal Ethics: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=t53UycVd
Animal Society: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=HiUMCsSk
GiveWell Top Charities Fund: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=JEarPXm8
Good Food Institute: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=StjLqUYd
The Humane League: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=7MakVrHV
Wild Animal Initiative: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=J1wvVsnX

Other EA(-related) charities:
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN): https://www.projectforawesome.com/?charity=yDkfNPdY
Against Malaria Foundation: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=UnOkIdYE
Clean Air Task Force: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=haCUpSAq
GiveDirectly: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=L11RjVGo
No Means No Worldwide: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=5TLEaViE
The Global Fund: https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=AVKb9jSe


Please also join our Facebook group, EA Project 4 Awesome 2023, and our Facebook event for this year’s voting!

Thank you very much!




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This was quicker than I thought it would be. 

If you open all the tabs and hold your mouse over the vote button you can just click then cmd+w to close the tab. Took me about 7 minutes. Anyone know the funding allocation formula?

I guess I did about 100 votes which is over 1% of the current total.

I think it's fine to game this, because isn't that what everyone does with internet voting competitions? I wouldn't advocate for using a VPN etc that seems like crossing a line.

The organizers of P4A say that charities with the most votes get the money. In last years it was ~30 charities: https://fightworldsuck.org/#Grants

Some of the links direct to Facebook and then to project for awesome. Can you change them to go to P4A directly?

Changed it. Thank you!

Tetra made a set of manifold markets on this. https://manifold.markets/group/project-for-awesome

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN): https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=yDkfNPdY 

This link leads to no videos found btw. It goes to https://projectforawesome.com/?charity=yDkfNPdY plus %C2%A0 

Also, should be okay if I tell my community here that I treat them to lunch/dinner if they vote, right?

Yes, changed it. Sorry, don't know how the link could be wrong...

Woah! So happy to see this! DFTBA!

Rather than going there, follow the charity links in this post.

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