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Nathan Young's Shortform

It would be good to easily be able to export jobs from the EA job board.

Nathan Young's Shortform

I suggest at some stage having up and downvoting of jobs would be useful.

Nathan Young's Shortform

Rather than using Facebook as a way to collect EA jobs we should use an airtable form

1) Individuals finding jobs could put all the details in, saving time for whoever would have to do this process at 80k time.

2) Airtable can post directly to facebook, so everyone would still see it

3) Some people would find it quicker. Personally, I'd prefer an airtable form to inputting it to facebook manually every time. 

Ideally we should find websites which often publish useful jobs and then scrape them regularly. 

Nathan Young's Shortform

Has rethink priorities ever thought of doing a survey of non-EAs? Perhaps paying for a poll? I'd be interested in questions like "What do you think of Effective Altruism? What do you think of Effective Altruists?"

Only asking questions of those who are currently here is survivorship bias. Likewise we could try and find people who left and ask why.

Nathan Young's Shortform

The UK police does.

It seems to me if you wanted to avoid a huge scandal you'd want to empower and incentivise an organisation to find small ones.

Nathan Young's Shortform

At what size of the EA movement should there be an independent EA whistleblowing organisation, which investigates allegations of corruption?

Nathan Young's Shortform

UK government will pay for organisations to hire 18-24 year olds who are currently unemployed, for 6 months. This includes minimum wage and national insurance.


I imagine many EA orgs are people constrained rather than funding constrained but it might be worth it. 

And here is a data science org which will train them as well


Note: applications have to be for 30 jobs, but you can apply over a number of organisations or alongside a local authority etc.

Nathan Young's Shortform

Seems that the Ebook/audiobook is free. Is that correct?

I imagine being able to give a free physcial copy would have more impact.

Nathan Young's Shortform

Is there a way to sort shortform posts?

Nathan Young's Shortform

Do you have any thoughts as to what the next step would be. It's not obvious to me what you'd do to research the impact of this.

Perhaps have a questionnaire asking people how many people they'd give books to at different prices. Do we know the likelihood of people reading a book they are given?

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