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EA Forum feature suggestion thread

A way to get an RSS feed which is filtered int he same way as the main feed. 

Intervention Report: Charter Cities

I'd listen to a podcast:

  • of this report
  • Of the authors of this report  being questioned (ideally on the charter cities podcast)
EA Twitter Job Bots and more


(Thanks for downvoting something you didn't like. That's genuinely useful)

EA Twitter Job Bots and more

Upvote this if you liked the way the original comments were structured.

EA Twitter Job Bots and more

I orginally structured the comments differently but I'm told that was unhelpful, so I've made a google form instead

EA Twitter Job Bots and more

Yeah though I imagine we could find ways to avoid duplicates.

EA Twitter Job Bots and more

Some people think that I should include a downvotable comment so this thread doesn’t give me lots of karma.

I don't think this. I think that it points out that for no reason, we rank comments and posts the same even though posts are far more work. That's a problem but this isn't the solution.

However, if you want to rob me of karma, go on, my suggestion would be to upvote this comment and downvote every single sub comment.

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