Nathan Young

Forecasting, institutional decision and community.

Also storytelling, theology, puns.

I would like to chat. Book a call here:

  • because you want to and I'm giving permission
  • to talk about something that interests you that I posted about
  • I'd love to hear about a project you're thinking of running

I'm equally active on twitter @nathanpmyoung

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Dank memes...

takes a long breath from vape pen

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

December 2021 monthly meme post

Someone used GPT-3 to make an EA tarot deck 

December 2021 monthly meme post

Why image break?

(for me this image has broken, even though it is hosted on the forum)

Is it no longer hard to get a direct work job?

I think a clearer picture of how easy it is to get jobs would be really useful. Like there could be a job survey people fill out about how many jobs they applied for and what their skills are. Then we could have better expectations.

What advice would you give to an EA org that's hiring?

Consider where EAs are and post in those places. Whether on twitter, the EA jobseekers slack, newsletters, etc etc.

Announcing my retirement

Thanks for all you've done Aaron. It means a lot. Thanks for responding, for reading drafts, for organising AMAs, along with all the other things you've done. 

HIRING: Inform and shape a new project on AI safety at Partnership on AI

Has this been posted to twitter with the handle @effective_jobs?

December 2021 monthly meme post

Sure, but again, It's one post a month. Also if those are the only memes you like only upvote those. 

I guess I don't disagree, but I still like this post.

December 2021 monthly meme post

By David Mears

Peter Albert David Singer --> "Pigs are nerved!" I blarted.

John Stuart Mill --> utilons' raj.html

Philippa Ruth Foot --> Troli! If phat, hop up!

Immanuel Kant --> Make Man Unlit

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