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I drafted/private my shortform about asking for people's input about the perspectives I had with the current issues on my own because I need to take a break from the forum and focus on the real + still impactful work I'm doing. Plus, counterfactually, I estimate there's a 70% chance someone else will post something similar and better written anyway.

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Send me more news on what's going right with our world and future.  

How I can help others

Let's share small wins together and hype each other to ourselves! haha


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*mindlessly typed eaforum
"wth, why comic sans"
"oh, haha funny"  
*try find more funny in the community tab
*sees Nathan's post about the new time article
*sad, confused, dizzy huhu
*comic sans softened the blow though
"ty online team." 
"drama curfew when?"


Also, I love the gel sleeping mat was mentioned because I also recommend that to people (alongside an affordable memory foam topper). It really helps with sleep, general sharpness, mood and electricity bills!


Thank you for taking the time to write this. I love how this was written too. It's in a way where I don't feel like something is being sold to me and it's just a genuine reflection of why EA is still really wonderful.  

I at times honestly forget why this movement/community is uniquely valuable. But when I remember, they're enough to keep me hopeful again. As you mentioned, being truly empowered, taking corrective actions are the norm, collective learning etc. all these aspects of the community/movement are still here. They help reassure me that we will continue to do better. Thank you for sharing and helping remind us all.


A very valid concern. Thankfully, if I'm not mistaken, the moderators block troll votes (70% confidence) and have done so already in the past (50% confidence).

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