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Thank you for writing this, Tobias. I can see why you feel confused about this, I think it makes sense to feel so. It sucks your friends made you feel bad about it. 

I can't say what the right thing to do was in that situation, but I can say I am with you that it isn't right to be harsh to ourselves and others for not making the most optimized decision all the time

No one needs help just because they spend their personal time and money on a stray dog, including you. I can see why this might still be hard to accept. Perhaps reframing it like this might help? 

  • Your compassionate colleague, who's incredibly dedicated to improving animal welfare, was on vacation. They're resting from difficult work and making difficult decisions. 
  • They gave themselves rare time to do whatever they wanted to do, to focus on themselves, just enjoying their lives. 
  • And at that time, helping an incredibly friendly and trusting stray dog would make them happy. And so, they did. 

I currently live in a place where there are a lot of suffering people and animals. Most of the time, I can't help them. I try to not ignore them, though; I acknowledge them in ways I can. I think they really appreciate that. When I say no to people begging, I still kindly look them in the eye and smile to say sorry. For strays, I give them small treats.

Since I can't avoid it, I cope by reframing it as a daily reminder of why this work means so much. That I'm helping this many beings who are in need, if not more. 

It hurts that I'm affected, but I see it as an indication that I still care. I think I would actually be really worried if I am no longer affected.

Yes! I got long COVID for many months and needed to reduce my work hours significantly. It's under-researched, and there was very little I could do about it. 

I can't imagine how debilitating ME/CFS are. Averting that, too, would be so wonderful.

If true, this is insanely amazing! 

As someone who lives in a 3rd world country where dengue is endemic and the healthcare systems' treatments and testing are outdated (understandably, as they are super stretched), this would be such an immense relief for us!

It never really sinks in when I learned about this until I had to experience it first hand when I got a 40C/104F fever 2 weeks ago. 

Most hospitals were full. I was finally brought to a private one, but they gave me the wrong dengue test, the wrong medication, the wrong reading of my x-ray and despite being on a stretcher, they couldn't admit me or refer me to the nearest hospital either as they were both over their capacity.

 It's not uncommon to take 20-30 hours sitting at the hospital hall before being able to be admitted, if at all. 

Then, the costs charged after are way out of reach for most people, even in a public hospital. Most families, even the ones I know who are well off and have doctors in their families, end up in debt for years.

400 million infections per year. 

The potential of alleviating so much suffering makes me teary-eyed with happiness. Cross fingers that this goes well!

If I'm not mistaken and in case anyone was unsure what GHW meant (me), it likely stands for Global Health and Wellbeing. 

*mindlessly typed eaforum
"wth, why comic sans"
"oh, haha funny"  
*try find more funny in the community tab
*sees Nathan's post about the new time article
*sad, confused, dizzy huhu
*comic sans softened the blow though
"ty online team." 
"drama curfew when?"

Also, I love the gel sleeping mat was mentioned because I also recommend that to people (alongside an affordable memory foam topper). It really helps with sleep, general sharpness, mood and electricity bills!

Thank you for taking the time to write this. I love how this was written too. It's in a way where I don't feel like something is being sold to me and it's just a genuine reflection of why EA is still really wonderful.  

I at times honestly forget why this movement/community is uniquely valuable. But when I remember, they're enough to keep me hopeful again. As you mentioned, being truly empowered, taking corrective actions are the norm, collective learning etc. all these aspects of the community/movement are still here. They help reassure me that we will continue to do better. Thank you for sharing and helping remind us all.

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