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Felix works as a business consultant (earn to give) and lives in Berlin, Germany. Mainly interested in animal welfare and nuclear security. Member of the EA & Consulting Network. Academic background in mathematics and political science. Worked as journalist before. LinkedIn article about his donations: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/doing-good-consultant-felix-werdermann/


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Great initiative and excited to see the incubatees!

Who did fill out the survey or which "key groups" are represented?

Cool initiative! 
In the Netherlands, there is an umbrella organization for vegan student associations: https://www.vsanetherlands.nl/ Perhaps, it could be interesting to exchange experience?

How to Create a Vegan World by Tobias Leenaert

What: A book about effective strategies of the animal advocacy movement.

Why: I know of no other book that deals explicitly and in such detail with strategies of the animal advocacy movement. It is characterized by a very clear argumentation, good comprehensibility even without prior knowledge, and the recourse to scientific studies (if available).

Other notes: You can watch a video that is loosely based on that book. The book is presently available in English, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, (traditional) Chinese, Korean, German and Polish. Upcoming are French, Swedish and Russian.

The organizers of P4A say that charities with the most votes get the money. In last years it was ~30 charities: https://fightworldsuck.org/#Grants

Thank you for sharing these insights!!

I would like to add another possible positive indirect effect of banning / reducing the sale of live animals. I could imagine that seeing live animals suffering and considering this situation as "normal" will have a negative impact on general attitudes towards animals. Especially children could adopt this view that it's "normal" to buy live animals and kill them - and it's perhaps more unlikely that they question this practice later on.

However, I agree that it is difficult to continue with a campaign if the short-term effect is unclear / (potentially) negative and you have to argue against the argument that your campaign is causing harm. If there are better alternatives, it seems a good choice to me.

Just did it. Thanks for the idea!

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