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I would like to be able to subscribe to notifications for sequences like this one:

I'm happy to see that the increased community focus on gender diversity seems to be paying off, that's a healthy increase!

There's still quite a way to go to gender equality though. If you want to forecast on where it will go, I have a market: It currently predicts 36% non-male survey respondents by 2025

Community notes are great, even though they are (still?) restricted to the US. The good thing is that they seem to work fast enough so most tweet impressions are actually annotated.

Hey, there's a new university around!

EAs have long floated the idea of starting or buying a university, but a group of sustainability activists and experts has actually done so. It's privately funded, accredited in Germany, offers bachelor's, master's and MBA degrees. Teaching is online-only, I suppose for cost savings and global inclusivity.

What do you think?

Answer by ludwigbaldMay 23, 202330

A year later, it seems like Elon does not value sane discussion on the Birdsite. If he does, he can't change Twitter too much, because he is under a lot of pressure to make money. This is the fundamental problem with modern ad-supported social media - The business model is not aligned with users, and there's not really an easy way of escaping this.

EA Germany board members are voted into office by members (aka the community). The board is formally responsible to ordinary community members, and they need to explain their actions. So the remaining board members would at the very least face questions. It's not a complete fix of course, but I think it could have helped.

As a community member, reading this kind of marketing language being applied to me is kind of uncomfortable. I want to be enabled, not persuaded.

This general approach still makes sense, so I think it should still be applied when doing outreach or planning events. But please don't forget there are people on the other side.

It's important that community members feel valued even if they don't seem likely to have massive impact!

I'm not familiar with your work so far, but there definitely is room for developing and advertising "EA for Normal People". I think there's value in addressing the very practical problems of doing EA: it's weird, it can be expensive, it's hard to stay motivated, the community is brainy, people won't believe your motivations, you have many existing commitments already.

I think the book might benefit from focusing on a target audience.

As a prolific writer of blogs, you seem to be in a very good position to also write a book. Good luck!

Is this the time to bring up better governance again? Why do we allow CEA to be part of a foundation, controlling community assets without community oversight?

If there was functional community oversight (like e.g. EA Germany has), we would know exactly why SBF was forced out of EVF (then CEA) board.

I think this is broadly a correct take. Longtermists care about expected value. Instead, classic EA is about following the evidence.

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