ML Master's student @ Uni Tübingen
Pursuing a graduate degree (e.g. Master's)


  • Attended an EA Global conference
  • Attended an EAGx conference
  • Attended more than three meetings with a local EA group


The EA community should celebrate and amplify non-utilitarian serious do-gooding.

Most suggestions here are disagreed with, but that's hardly enough justification not to push forward on them. Only hardcore EAs vote on the forum, disgruntled EAs would not come across them.

By the way, I think it's really cool of you, Nathan, to nourish this conversation.

I think it's a conversation we should never stop having, and we should create online and offline spaces where it can happen.

There should be a social space for people who leave EA, and it should be easy to leave EA.

The EA community should enter coalitions with other social movements to further our shared goals.

EA community building should be coordinated and funded primarily at the national level

EA should become much less reliant on key institutions like CEA, 80k, Will MacAskill or (previously) SBF

A few thoughts, excuse the mess:

I think that local groups should continue to exist, they are what makes up the community. In my view, you can run a local group well without outside funding. In any case, your local group should not be dependent on outside funding.

I'd like to see CEA run a topic-specific conference.

I'd like to see more democratically organized EA structures, like the German

I'd like to see more grassroots community events by and for community members.

None of this would have prevented SBF from committing fraud, but we would feel fewer ripple effects in the community.

Thank you for sharing your perspective, I have heard many people sharing similar intuitions. And I agree, EA events often lack a certain humanity. Even local groups are supposed to be outreach vehicles first, and only some try to also be communities of mutual support.

That said, less official community-driven grassroots events feel much better. I've been to a bunch here in Germany. But yes, EA-branded events can feel inhumanely corporate and soulless.

I try to do my part by bringing humanity where I can and I encourage anyone reading this to be thoughtful in their interactions with the community.

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