Carrots, not sticks - What I learned from introducing people to EA

I agree. It's a very intuitive way to introduce people to EA with something they probably already agree with.

How much (physical) suffering is there? Part I: Humans

Thank you very much. Unfortunately the source I'm using (Our World in Data) doesn't report YLLs. Sources that report YLLs are so sparse that I couldn't have used them for an overview. I'm also not sure whether the results I'm drawing here are in any way conclusive or whether DALYs are such a bad metric of suffering that I'm just reading tea leaves. 

How much (physical) suffering is there? Part II: Animals

I understood the numbers to only contain farm fish and no wild fish. 
Thanks for the fact about elephants, I didn't know that. A better metric might then be the number of neurons in the cortex. But it would still contain a lot of uncertainty about which regions of the brain are actually causally responsible for suffering and so on.