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Effektiv Spenden - Review of the Year 2021

donations from Switzerland accounting for 48% of our total donation volume last year.

Wow! Again, thanks for enabling this. :) So glad to hear that it worked out.

Help us make civilizational refuges happen

We got plenty of bunkers, oh I mean refuges, in Switzerland - as Luisa Rodriguez pointed out. Happy to help if this moves forward.

We also got a small one in my basement, happy to co-host a trial run. :)

EA Forum's interest in cause-areas over time and other statistics

That's a cool idea! Thanks for sharing and crunching those numbers.

I'd note that we also have the Alignment Forum and LessWrong where the majority of AI-related posts end up. So AI causes might be underrepresented and we could have missed the change over time there (and I'd guess that we have seen an increase over time). Maybe quickly running an analysis on their dataset?

Making Community Building a more attractive career path

Thanks for the update and the concise summary. I enjoyed the bullet point format and sharing the insights of this survey publicly. Great job!

For context, CEA used to pay $70,000 annually to community builders in San Francisco, with lower salaries in areas with lower costs of living.

During which period was this the practice?

Also, now the update is:

Now CEA have updated their payment policy, with salaries baselined to $90,000 in San Francisco, with a cost of living adjustment for other locations, ...

That's starting when?

Making Community Building a more attractive career path

Indeed. Given that the payment is a grant and you're working for [name of your local org], what's stopping you from using an appropriate title? Be it CEO, director, strategy, program director, etc. Most nationwide EA groups do so and also a handful of local groups.

University Groups Should Do More Retreats

Great post Trevor! I share your message. :)


The retreat features lots of people who are already “on board” with EA. At least a few should be at least moderately charismatic people for whom EA is a major consideration in how they make decisions.

That's also my experience. While "some buy-in" already helps a lot, people with more experience provide in my experience even "more value" - sharing their EA story, their connected struggles, and maybe how they managed to work on EA-adjacent stuff.
You bring something along these lines up later by saying "The retreat includes “professional EAs.”".

Therefore, I'd also encourage the more "senior people" to join retreats from time to time. You can provide an enormous value. And to all the organizers, reach out to them!

New forum feature: preview & embed Our World in Data charts

You can implement them easily in Ghost by using the HTML embed. You find this when you click on the bottom right corner the share button and click "embed".

What I learnt from attending EAGx Oxford (as someone who's new to EA)

Glad to hear you're now more excited. :)


I know there were a few meet-ups for other groups such as religious EA's, it would be great if there had been something like 'lonely and new meetup'?

I remember that at EAG London 2021 there was an event for newcomers and you were even matched with a mentor. Maybe we should copy this or make it a group effort for all the conferences.

Time-Time Tradeoffs

Thanks for writing this, Akash! :) I’ve been following a similar paradigm for quite a while, some things I did:

  • Meetings only in the afternoon - the less important/demanding the further into the evening
  • Focused work time is scarce and, therefore my morning time is a resource to protect
  • Taking my location into consideration. As you outline, when I'm already somewhere I should make use of it.
  • Stopping to work when I feel like I don't make progress. Trading this time against my future "leisure time" where I'll hopefully be more energetic.
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