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Mini EA Forum Update

You can now subscribe to be notified when posts are added to a sequence. You can see more details in GitHub here.

We’ve also made it a bit easier to create and edit sequences, including allowing users to delete sequences they’ve made.

I've been thinking a bit about how to improve sequences, so I'd be curious to hear:

  1. How you use them
  2. What you'd like to be able to do with them
  3. Any other thoughts/feedback

It could be useful to have some sort of "sequence of sequences", similar to a basic version of

For the intro program, I used to link people to and tell them to scroll down and start from "1. La mentalità dell'efficacia" but many people got confused and started from the latest posts. (So I moved to sending the first sequence directly for the first week)

Edit: I've been told they don't use this anymore and switched to Google Docs

Mini EA Forum Update

You can now subscribe to be notified every time a user comments (thanks to the LessWrong team for building the functionality!), and we’ve updated the design of the notification option menus. You can see more details in GitHub here.

New: “card view” for frontpage posts

We’re testing out a new “card view” for the main post list on the home page. You can toggle the layout by clicking the dropdown circled in red below. You can see more details in GitHub here.

Let us know what you think! :)

Mini EA Forum Update

We’ve updated our new user onboarding flow! You can see more details in GitHub here.

In addition to making it way prettier, we’re trying out adding some optional steps, including:

  1. You can select topics you’re interested in, to make your frontpage more relevant to you.
    1. You can also click the “Customize feed” button on the frontpage - see details here.
  2. You can choose some authors to subscribe to. You will be notified when an author you are subscribed to publishes a post.
    1. You can also subscribe from any user’s profile page.
  3. You’re prompted to fill in some profile information to give other users context on who you are.
    1. You can also edit your profile here.

I hope that these additional optional steps help new users get more out of the Forum. We will continue to iterate on this flow based on usage and feedback - feel free to reply to this quick take with your thoughts!

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