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3 just announced yet another addition to the matching fund on the #FallGivingChallenge blog post: this extra $50k brings the total matching funds up to $525k, about $75k of which are still unused as of this evening. just announced on the #FallGivingChallenge blog post that another $100k has been added to the matching fund, bringing the total up to $475k.

As others have noted, announced on their blog page about this giving challenge that an additional $100k had been added to the incentive fund, which seems likely to be depleted by this time tomorrow.

William's post covered most of this, but just to lay it out explicitly: if you are really intent on squeezing the most out of this opportunity, the suggestions below will allow you to direct a total  of $420 to a charity of your choice (+ give an additional $25 to William that they will presumably distribute to a worthy cause) by spending $167. This takes the effective multiplier of this match up from 2.1x to more than 2.5x; that is not an enormous difference per donation, but each takes on the order of seconds to minutes, so in terms of an hourly rate of value generated, perhaps not a bad way to use one's time. Note that all giving credits can be used like cash and so are included in the Giving Challenge and matched like any other donation.

  • +$25 giving credit (and an additional $25 for William to donate): Make a new account via William's referral link before making two $100 donations (two donations are required because you can only cash in your giving credits after your first donation is completed).
  • +$5 giving credit (and also avoids 2 to 4.5% of your donation being skimmed by processing fees): Directly link a bank account as your payment method
  • +$3 giving credit: At some point before you make your final donation, click a heart to "like" any three donations anywhere on (this is the smallest gain, but also the lowest effort - it should take only a few seconds).
  • $10 additional match: As mentioned in Will's post, click any of the "share" buttons that appear after you confirm your donation, including the simple "copy link" button. You do not have to follow through with posting or sharing anything in order for the additional $10 to be added, though I would highly encourage spreading the word about this opportunity if you haven't already!)