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One person's Value Drift is another person's Bayesian Updating

Great post! Thank you. I love that you are providing coaching for EAs who are aspiring for-profit, social enterprise and charity entrepreneurs.

We recently launched EA Angels to focus on EA entrepreneurs building for-profit startups who are ready to pitch to angel investment groups for funding.

Thank you for writing this! I really like the idea -- working on things with other people is messy and difficult and fun, but also a great way to build useful skills. The skill of understanding what skills you possess and what complementary skills others you work closely with possess seems valuable to develop

Thank you! Great analysis and synthesis of the Randomista and Systemista perspectives. 

I hope you take a look at Lant Pritchett's new paper, Development Happened, Did Aid Help? If you find it intriguing, I encourage you to write an EA Forum post about it; your writing is concise and interesting.

Thank you for posting this! I've mentioned your post to people on the EA Supply Chain and Logistics Slack Group

Thank you for writing this! Someone recently shared with me the concept of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). I wonder if people with high ACEs scores find solace in EA 

Thank you for posting these great explanations! I realized when explaining EA Angels to someone today that the main benefit of a successful for-profit startup is not always financial capital. After reading this, I think it might be the network and structural capital

Great article! I'm amazed there weren't any references to:

  • Tinder Swindler
  • Bad Vegan
  • Inventing Anna

Maybe that's a "know your audience" thing for the EA Forum, but I assume the same concepts apply...

I'm glad to hear you are passionate about the role of for-profit entrepreneurs in EA; the EA Entrepreneurs Slack Group might be of interest to you. 

Regarding crop sustainability, Our World In Data's recent post digs into this: Increasing agricultural productivity across Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most important problems this century

Congratulations! I find the Snowball Fund structure a little confusing, but I'm looking forward to sharing dealflow between the Snowball Fund and EA Angels. We've seen a couple of pitches so far from EA Entrepreneurs at EA Angels:
-EdTech (Europe) - no funding commitments
-FinTech (UK) - 2 funding commitments in discussion

And we have a couple more pitches in the pipeline to see in Apr/May:
-FinTech (Europe)
-RealWorldTech (USA)

My assumption is that there is probably room for several EA-themed funds, syndicates and Angel Investment Groups. At this point, the bottleneck seems to be EA Entrepreneurs actively building for-profit startups. For me and other members of EA Angels, our counterfactual is helping non-EA founders succeed with their for-profit startups; we'd prefer to help EA founders!

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