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Aspiring deep generalist & eternal optimist, able to adapt and fill roles that need attention - while wearing a smile! Practised entrepreneur and systematizer. Experienced & empathetic conflict manager. Insatiably curious and constantly looking for connections across networks & disciplines.  Willing to work remotely or relocate to maximize my impact as I shift carriers, guided by effective altruistic principles.



I also got a lot out of the Charity Entrepreneurship talk. Lead to me applying and also doing a 1-1 with Steve. This talk changed my thinking about what to do with my carrier! 


I heard an amazing comment in the live chat of the 'Will AI be an Existential Risk: An Intro to AI Safety Risk Arguments' talk. (note this is from memory so not an actual quote)

"I feel that Human-AI alignment is no different than Human-Human Alignment, we need to get better at Human-Agent Alignment as a whole"  (note this is from memory so not an actual quote)

I found this a profound statement, I wonder if the bucket of Human-AI Alignment was to expand to include the most tractable topics/causes in Human-Agent Alignment, what might emerge that could have otherwise been missed.