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bold to post memes on the EA forum. 

Methylphenidate has generally negative effects on me (makes it more difficult to think; I get tired easily; unmotivated).
Dextroamphetamine has negative effects on me, similar to methylphenidate.

Vyvanse or Adderall XR radically improves several aspects of my life; I become 2-3x more productive, a lot of friction to productivity is removed; I enjoy my work more; and I can also better prioritize what I should be working on. Beyond that, I also get way less anxiety and it removes my tendency to validation-seek almost entirely.

I take 20mg vyvanse. if I take too much, I will instead become over-focused on smaller tasks and miss the big picture of what's important. A friend described it this way with too much Modafinil:

"YES! narrowing of focus. Normally I set up a bunch of threads, and I keep them alive in my mind so I can zoom out and think of the big picture and then zoom back in again. But on modafinil it was hard to keep the threads alive."

I have not yet tried Wellbutrin, Guanfacine, but would be interested. For people in the UK Wellbutrin can be gotten online at a teledoctor service, so it seems like low friction. 

@Nathan I also think it would generally be useful to write a short document of the procedure for getting an ADHD diagnosis in various countries (US, UK, France), and how to accelerate it? Eg. I think with the UK private psychiatry is significantly faster, if funds are available. I will write this up at some point soon, & I think Offroad also wants to do stuff with executive functioning and guides to getting diagnosed.

Related project, given each year about US$170 billion is given in foreign aid:
 Mathias Kirk Bonde (mathiaskb) recently went through Charity Entrepreneurship and co-founded Center for Effective Aid Policy, working to improve the effectiveness of development aid, based on CE's research on aid quality advocacy here.

However, to my knowledge, there have been no EA investigations into whether or to what extent this is true.

Chapter 12 in John G. Halstead's  report on climate change examines the evidence on climate change and conflict and also discusses climate change's potential indirect effect on x-risks.  

I had the exact same questions as you actually!