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The point of the top-level comment is that "progressives" commonly claim to be against gender discrimination and double standards, and then immediately call for gender discrimination and double standards targeted against men. 

Perhaps I made a mistake in assuming the author was Left-wing, though I have trouble imagining that any kind of conservative, libertarian, or right-wing populist writing the piece. Could you?

Perhaps you think this is derailing discussion by introducing "politics" into a "non-political" topic. But to me this whole question is "political." It doesn't involve narrow government policy questions, but it's related to the whole Left-Right culture war that began at least around 2012, if not earlier. Denying that seems like missing the forest for the trees. 

I can understand wanting to avoid people behaving "tribally" and encouraging them to think through each issue individually instead of mindlessly adopting all the views of their "tribe." But the bottom line is this: there seems to me to be a large group out there who say they think gender equality is a paramount value but actually think gender discrimination is fine so long as women aren't the ones being targeted. Whatever you want to label them progressive, feminist, woke, etc., they seem to exist. How should I bring up the issue without being too divisive or info-hazardy?