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I am a big fan of this research! Good to measure the effectiveness of an intervention. 
And awesome you jumped on this so quickly after the pause letter!
Hopeful stuff! 
Maybe you could use this study to get funding for a bigger study? Maybe hire Americans to go door to door to ask them to participate for a more representative sample? Or get a bigger research corp to do it for you? 
A question. I think there is a mistake in 8. It says:

Figure 8: Change in public opinion on AI moratorium per the Pause Government indicator of participants that chose the answer No for Pause Laboratories

But from what it says above the figure, I get the impression that this figure is about the subset of people that answered Yes to the Pause Laboratories indicator. That this subset of people's results on the government pause indicator are shown. Am I correct? In the figure 8 description, it says it shows the people who answered No for the Pause Laboratories.