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I think life without pleasure can still be one of wellbeing. If you practise life like buddist monks that is. I think the zero point is reached by having to do work that stops you from being mindful.

I like this, I think i use the wrong models when trying to solve challenges in my life.

I agree, positive feedback can be a great motivator.

I wonder if promoting awareness in general, like Eckhart Tolle or Alan Watts is a good focus for EA.

Aware people should care more about others. In their perception they are the same as others, so helping them would be helping themselves.

They can also help them more effectively, as they control their minds rather than giving in to desires. And they have acces to all the energy not used by the mind.

This could also be dangerous. An evil person who has more control over their mind will certainly do more damage. Especially during the precipus, when dangerous technology like nukes and DYI virusses are way ahead of their prevention.

Input is very much appreciated, and will make it in to a full length post.

Thank you