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Thanks for this - I hadn't seen those recent reports and read them with interest!

For avoidance of doubt, in saying that my 'primary concerns' were ecosystem conservation and climate change, I wasn't expressing any a priori commitment to the view that interventions in these areas were the most cost-effective with respect to DALYs. Nor do I, or would I, donate only to charities that make interventions in these areas. However, those are the issues that primarily motivate my interest in EA, and I would not want to sign a pledge which did not apply to donations to these causes. Given my view of the uncertainties involved, and of the value of non-human life, I do expect to continue to give primarily to these causes.

I have been for a couple of years an interested observer of the effective altruism movement, with my primary concerns being ecosystem conservation and climate change. I would have joined GWWC already had it not been for the restrictions in the current pledge. I support the new pledge, and if it were to be adopted I would have no hesitation in taking it and joining GWWC.