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Looking for Collaborators to Support Displaced Individuals' Growth and Recovery

As a social science researcher deeply committed to aiding displaced individuals' healing and growth, I am seeking to expand a research team dedicated to empowering individuals facing adversity. My focus is on exploring how to effectively facilitate healing, growth, and learning among those impacted by displacement.

In my pursuit to assist the displaced community, I am interested in collaborating on various fronts, such as:

Training for Empowerment: 

Developing strategies to enhance educational and communication initiatives tailored for the community affected by displacement. This involves creating platforms that promote ethical decision-making and clear thinking among individuals navigating difficult circumstances.

Leadership and Institutional Impact: 

Training policymakers and organizational leaders in fostering clear and ethical decision-making processes. Improving institutional frameworks to better support displaced individuals' needs is a crucial aspect of our research.

Youth Empowerment: 

Guiding young individuals through clear and informed career decision-making processes. Empowering them to navigate their future paths in a manner that aligns with their values and aspirations.

How others can help me

In this endeavor, I am seeking:

Potential Collaborators: Like-minded individuals passionate about aiding displaced populations, and PhD/honors students intrigued by exploring strategies for healing and growth among affected communities.

How I can help others

On my end, I bring substantial methodological expertise:

1. Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses: Proficient in designing and conducting comprehensive reviews to determine the most effective solutions for aiding displaced individuals.

2. Behavioral Intervention: Experienced in scaling up behavior change through online educational interventions, ensuring fidelity and efficacy in outreach programs.

3. Project Design and Execution: Skilled in implementing projects, including randomized trials of interventions, to assess their impact on the displaced community.

4. Academic Contribution: Committed to accumulating academic career capital by contributing substantial and meaningful research to the field.

I am eager to collaborate and contribute to transformative research initiatives that empower and uplift displaced individuals. If you share a similar vision or wish to explore collaborative opportunities, I welcome discussions and connections to further our collective impact in aiding those in need.


I wonder how long-termism plays a role for people who have been displaced. If the climate crisis, wars, and poverty continue, how do we secure a safe and healthy future for those people? 

Yes, we can positively influence the long-term future. But how do we connect some of the issues and come up with a plan that helps future communities that are affected by our current crisis? 

We'll be seeing a lot more people migrate and will have to offer solutions. Because with migration, comes new problems.

What are your thoughts?

Hi everyone, 

I have been following 80'000 for a year now but never really went into the deep dive into this community. I'm glad I did now since there is so much to learn. I'm a life-long learner and my new focus is on gaining more knowledge on effective altruism, and social innovation, as well as how to improve and protect the future for more generations to come.

I'm a Social Science Researcher in Displacement and I’m an expert in creating communities of belonging, aligned identity, and free of apathy. I also work with a non-profit where we offer career coaching/counseling programs.

I'm looking to connect with individuals or organizations who share our values. There are a few small projects we are working on. The main focus is on displaced individuals dealing with trauma, anxiety about the future, poverty wounds, apathy, identity crisis and not feeling they belong.

What do you think the future for displaced people looks like?

Thank you for reading so far! Hope we get to connect.