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I am 28 years old and starting a joint MPP-MBA at a top U.S. school in the fall. I will be graduating with no debt thanks to financial aid and scholarships, and I don't intend to waste my time in finance or consulting (earning to give doesn't quite suit me). 

I was in part motivated to pursue the joint degree by the EA movement and 8000hours.org's problem profile on "improving institutional decision making." Although I am interested in working in social and public sector consulting (specifically firms like Behavioral Insights Team). I'm curious what other career paths or specializations you would suggest. 

 I have previous experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, and data analytics.  Would like to be in NYC, but am open to elsewhere. 

I left out a lot-- but happy to add details where needed.

Many thanks! 

(Bonus question: I will be free this spring and summer for an internship prior to graduate school. Would love to hear ideas on what kind of experiences I should be looking into.)