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You posted a link to that article three days ago. Why did you feel the need to repost it, on a different thread? Your behavior appears to be that of someone doing everything they can to portray Jacy's actions in the best light possible.

Julia Wise has already confirmed that CEA was more concerned about a number of recent reports than about the Brown allegations. Since the latter are quite serious, one can reasonably infer that the former are way more serious than "clumsy flirting".

ETA: Now I see that you have posted the exact same comment above a total of three times in this post. I don't think there's a good justification for reposting identical comments on multiple threads within a single post.


Jacy was an adult when the relevant incidents occurred. I don't think it is widely accepted in criminal justice systems and society at large that young adults should be punished less than older adults for the same transgressions. I also reiterate that we have independent testimonies by multiple women over a long period of time in Jacy's adult life all pointing in the same direction.


While it may be technically true that Jacy was a “teenager” at the time the Brown incidents occurred, Kelly’s use of that term to suggest that her partner was somehow less morally responsible for his actions strikes me as regrettable. Very few teenagers are formally accused of sexual misconduct, and even fewer expelled from a university following an accusation. Moreover, any attempt to tacitly attribute Jacy’s early behavior to immaturity is in tension with the existence of independent accusations by multiple women in recent years.