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More Putinists' than Putin's, I'd suppose. I'm very doubtful he believes all that BS himself. Just to highlight that little distinction.

Yes, it is very, very dangerous, and all this readiness for killing, destroying, wrecking, and even torturing is in the name of those who don't need to and will never need to be brought into existence.

This's not even Omelas, this's orders of magnitude worse.

"I value the existence of beings like me extended as far and as widely as I possibly can, and I will try to fight anyone who does anything that might endanger that"

That's more or less what Putinists often say, you know. That's what they justify unspeakable evils with :) That's why they think all the West is evil, and should be fought against by any means necessary, because you are death, and they're the protectors of life and humanity :)

Except, they tend to be moral realists, of course. But doubt this distinction matters as much in this righteous warrior mentality context :)

Note, however, that (a) Ligotti isn't a philosopher himself, he just compiled some pessimistic outlooks, representing them the way he understood them, (b) his book is very dark and can be too depressing even for another pessimist. I mean, proceed with caution, take care of your mental well-being while getting acquainted with his writings, he's a reasonably competent pessimist but a renowned master of, for the lack of a better word, horror-like texts :)

Would you cleanse all the universe with that utilitronium shockwave which is a no less relevant thought experimemt pertaining to CU?

I'm a fairly devoted anti-natalist, and I have to say that this ethic has been misunderstood--deeply, woefully so. Firstly, it always has been universal, all sentience included (and so far, it seems that the more humans are born, the less other animals are born). Benatar only focused on our own species because there were reasons to discuss this area in particular. Secondly, human extinction is a purely theoretical scenario, and one that isn't even the core of anti-natalism.

The core is just the negative value of coming into existence. And the basis is suffering reduction by means of prevention. It isn't some cult hellbent on human extinction (even though some of such groups can emerge out there to parasitize on some actual ethics). We wouldn't feel as devastated by the prospects of extinction, but to assume that ending the existence of humanity is our obligation? No, this'd be too much. At least for a contemporary anti-natalist who stays true to the suffering-focused nature of the ethic and is a tad familiar with contemporary SFE research in general (as opposed to someone who is mostly into justifications for their everyday hate). There's this immense ocean of non-human suffering around us. And if not we, then who would take care of it?

Yeaaaah. Exactly. And not that it was too easy to move to a less sinister place even earlier.

I'm mostly doing it to vent. I'm Russian. As Slavic as it gets. No roots elsewhere. And so I cannot leave! Nor could I before, when flights out weren't jam-packed yet. Even during the witch hunts of 2018, when I was eager to flee to any safer place, I couldn't. Not because Russia wouldn't let me out. Back then, it easily would. Even transportation was easily available, not to mention relay routes. More like, it was because other countries, ones that were safer than Russia dearest, just wouldn't let me in. I was terrified, I was living in everyday fear. But I wasnt leaving. I was effectively forced to not leave and to play the Russian roulette. Because Russia has been an outcast in terms of visas for many years.

Ukrainian women could go working in Europe, they did so in significant numbers, and us, we simply couldn't, unless exceptionally talented or something like that. And now I did think of Asia myself. I even happen to know some Chinese. But apart from Asia being excruciatingly hot for a temperature-sensitive Northerner, it just is way too dangerous for a Caucasian woman on her own. I would stick out too much. And it's scary to even think what my price at their black market would be. They even abduct their own local women to be sold into sex slavery and so on. And I would be a walking, talking profitable rare commodity.

Previously, I only heard of Russian males prepping to quit it all in a permanent way, if you get what I mean. Because they don't want to be conscripted and forced to go to war. But now, I also am contemplating this. Even though just a short while ago, I was feeling like I should try to be a survivor.