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You make a very good point, and the economic analysis of this is comparable to finding the optimal tax rate. It’s certainly not an easy problem and fraught with politicization.

The html tag was a stylistic choice borne out of not being able to immediately find the strike-through formatting haha.

I admit my proposals may not be that viable currently. I’m thinking more in terms of how do you close a feedback loop that can drive significant expansion of EA once a tipping point is reached.

However, there are several companies that have already been started by EAs or EA-adjacents. Wave is mentioned below, and another I believe is Mealsquares, so perhaps a tipping point is not that far away. It’s also not like ONLY EAs would be marketed to.

I think I clarify in my note at the bottom of the post that I’m not thinking about these as “social benefit” companies. They could be perfectly useless companies, they merely must by their certification donate some stipulated funds out of their revenues to the EA movement / causes.

In your response to your other comment, I applaud your contributions, but there could be other options for those who can’t contribute similarly.