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If air pollution costs 71.4 million DALYs annually in South Asia, and we were spending $20 million per year, we would need to be pulling forward solutions to approximately 0.06% of the problem by 10 years for every year of our spending in order to clear our 1,000x bar.60 It is difficult to reason about small numbers like that but given the relatively limited scale of other philanthropy in this space, we do not think that would be an unreasonable bar for us to clear.

hi, I am new so please bear with me. This is a brilliant research but I am struggling to get a 1,000bar in this BOTEC calucation. I assume a DALY is valued at $50,000 - and only manage to get to 100bar. What am I missing here pls?

I tam taking DALY value ($50,000)  x Annual air pullution DALY Cost (74.4mm)  x Improvement per year (0.06%) = $2.1bn, which is 100x of $20mm spending per year