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Can anyone tell me how to donate to GovAI?

I don't see a donation button and their website.

It looks like you can donate via https://www.givingwhatwecan.org/charities/govai , but that only accepts paper checks (as far as I can tell) or credit cards (with about a ~2% fee).


When I saw "implicit bias" in the post's title, I was expecting a very different post. I was expecting a definition along the lines of:

From Wikipedia:

In social identity theory, an implicit bias or implicit stereotype, is the pre-reflective attribution of particular qualities by an individual to a member of some social out group.[1]

I don't know if others will have a similar misunderstanding of what you meant by "implicit bias". But if so, to avoid confusion, I'd suggest you use a different term like "implicit assumption" instead.

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Washington DC.

It has a large EA community and hits all the points listed in footnote 4. Its cost of living is high but not nearly as high as NYC or SF. You might want to check out the EA DC website to learn more.

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I think nuclear winters are now predicted to be much less severe than once feared. At least, that is what a very indepth EA forum post argues.

I think the finding points us toward being a bit more skeptical of the idea that some effective altruists seem to hold — that a nuclear war between the US and Russia would necessarily lead to a nuclear winter that posed a large risk of extinction.


FYI: I think there is a typo in your email. It should be gpr.meNtoring@gmail.com


FYI, I think one of your hyperlinks is linking to the wrong place.

In contrast, last month, Open Philanthropy published a report on the social returns to productivity growth,

I think that should instead link to: https://www.openphilanthropy.org/research/social-returns-to-productivity-growth/ 

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"Conference" is widely used by the academic and professional community to describe these types of events. It doesn't really have much baggage associated with it, and avoids much of the "vacation" connotation.


I am unsure of this myself. I'd suggest you contact the moderators by clicking the blue button in the bottom right of every page on this site. It looks like a speech bubble with a parenthesis in it.


Personally, when I say "AI Risk is not like Terminator", I am trying to convey a couple of points:

  1. The risk is from intelligence itself, not autonomous robot soldiers. You can't make AI safer by avoiding the mistakes seen in the movies.
  2. There will not be a robot war: we will "instantly" lose if non-aligned AI is created.

I think the average person has a misconception about "how" to respond to AI risk and also confuses robotics and AI. I think I agree with all the points you raise, but still feel that the meme "AI Risk is not like Terminator" is very helpful at addressing this problem.

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