Research Associate @ The Global Catastrophic Risk Institute
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Environmental moral philosopher working on GCR and X-risk mitigation, as well as on long-term future trajectories. Areas of focus include ethics of GCR, AI, nonhumans, space colonization, and the far future. Further cause areas of interest include nonhuman/animal welfare, moral progress, value spreading, and post-catastrophe.  


Hi! I’m Andrea Owe, I’m an environmental moral philosopher and currently a Research Associate at the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. Here, I’ve focused on the ethics of GCR, especially environmental and AI-related risks, including from underrepresented worldviews and value-systems. 

Location: Oslo, Norway

Remote: Yes. My current work for GCRI is remote and administratively arranged through Effective Altruism Norway, to make the international work situation smooth. A similar collaboration can most likely be arranged. 

Willing to relocate: Ideally no. Open to semi-remote arrangements. 


  • Original research on GCR and the long-term future, especially on environmental and AI-related risks.  
  • Ethics of GCR, AI, nonhumans, space colonization, and the long-term future.
  • Environmental philosophy, and interdisciplinary environmental, sustainability, and Anthropocene studies. 
  • Applying alternative value-systems to the ethics of GCR and related topics.
  • Policy impact. I have, e.g., helped formulate a forthcoming IEEE Standard on the governance of AI to adequately address GCRs, nonhuman welfare, and environmental issues.

CV: https://www.andreaowe.com/about-cv

Email: mail@andreaowe.com


  • Cause areas: GCRs associated with climate change, environmental degradation, and AI, and nonhuman/animal welfare, longtermism, value spreading, moral progress, moral circle expansion, and post-catastrophe. 
  • Looking for: I am ideally looking for research positions in EA-adjacent think tanks or the like. I would be particularly interested in opportunities to study systemic approaches to risk mitigation, including on the interdependencies and underlying drivers of GCRs. I am equally interested in diversifying worldviews, value-systems, and epistemologies applied to GCR research and related EA-adjacent issues.  
  • Experience with EA: I have been involved with EA since around 2018, when I had a research internship with GCRI. Locally, I am involved with EA Norway, where I also have an office space. 
  • Fulltime: Yes.  
  • Availability: From January 2023. Open to discuss an earlier start for the right position. 
  • Dream workplace: Rethink Priorities